Yemen, Edition: 2nd Revised by Paul Auchterlonie, Gerald Rex Smith

By Paul Auchterlonie, Gerald Rex Smith

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What do a seventeenth-century mortality desk (whose explanations of dying comprise "fainted in a bath," "frighted," and "itch"); the identity of South Africans in the course of apartheid as ecu, Asian, coloured, or black; and the separation of desktop- from hand-washables have in universal? All are examples of class -- the scaffolding of data infrastructures.

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This index has been compiled as a brief reference advisor to biographies of 9,052 specialist and novice artists lively in Canada from the 17th century to the current. The artists symbolize forty two expert different types, from animation to topography. as well as 8,261 Canadian artists, the Index has 391 British, three hundred American, and a hundred ecu artists, all of whom spent a part of their careers in Canada.

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Vincent and the Grenadines, Robert B. Potter 144 Texas, James Marten 145 Burundi, Morna Daniels 146 Hawai'i, Nancy J. Morris and Love Dean 147 Vietnam. David Mart and Kristine Alilunas-Rodgers 148 Sierra Leone, Margaret Binns and Tony Binns 149 Gabon, David Gardinier 150 Botswana, John A. Wiseman 151 Angola, Richard Black 152 Central African Republic, Pierre Kalck 153 Seychelles, George Bennett, with the collaboration of Pramila Ramgulam Bennett 154 Rwanda, Randall Fegley 155 Berlin, Ian Wallace 156 Mongolia, Judith Nordby 157 Liberia, D.

Annual. ), this annual publication gives a brief account of each Middle Eastern country's internal and external politics, and its economic performance and prospects. A few basic facts about each country are given, but there are no statistical tables. The volume for 1996 deals with Yemen on pages 149-52. It was first published as the Middle East Annual Review (Saffron Walden, England: World of Information 1974-80. annual). 20 The Cambridge encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa. Edited by Trevor Mostyn, advisory editor Albert Hourani.

Pays et Populations). Rouaud's interesting general book covering both Yemens concentrates on history and sociology. Among the subjects tackled are women and the family, leisure activities, tribes and castes; religion; and the Yemeni diaspora. The author concludes with chapters on recent developments in North and South Yemen, and forecasts that unity will be achieved when both Yemens have thrown off the shackles of their protecting powers. 26 Encyclopedia of the modern Middle East. Edited by Reeva S.

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