Tokyo, Edition: annotated edition by J. S. Eades

By J. S. Eades

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Railways developed from the 1880s, the first major line being the Chûô line running across the centre of the city from Tokyo to Shinjuku and out to the west where many of the new suburbs were being constructed, a process which is still continuing. New buildings appeared in a mixture of European styles, built out of brick and stone instead of wood. Ginza 'Brick town' became for a while the most fashionable area of the city. Perhaps the city's most famous new landmarks were the thirteen-storey octagonal tower at Asakusa, Tokyo Station itself, originally based on a European model.

There was, however, a massive shift of population to the suburbs in the west from the central city areas which had been worst affected, as entrepreneurs like Tsutsumi Yasujirô built up their business empires based on real estate, leisure industries, and transport. The houses they erected along the railway line provided a clientele both for their railways and for the department stores which developed around the major stations. International recognition that the reconstruction of Tokyo was for the most part complete came with the award of the 1940 Olympic Games to the city, but in the event the games were never held because of the outbreak of war in Europe.

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