Thoughts and afterthoughts by Herbert Beerbohm Tree; Frank Harris

By Herbert Beerbohm Tree; Frank Harris

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How picturesque they Contrast them with the are attired in the ordinary and top-hatted garb of the public school. Surely a survival of the ugliest costume the world has ever invented I imagine, too, that the spirit of independence which is part ! of the training of the Boy Scout will be a factor of enormous importance in the generations which are growing into always to the fore much more manhood. The handy-man is when it comes to the test. How profitable than to sit at a football match watching great big athletes kicking a ball when it is down And the comradeship of the Boy Scouts inculcates good fellowship and good humour very necessary qualities to enable us to bear the tragedies of life which come to every !

Know one word of German, and that's French did you " manage to get ? " : Whenever I want to go anywhere, or Pardong. '' I for me shouldn't understand one can say nay, ' their language. " law of possession. If one Self-help wants anything done one should always do it it saves so much waste of time in oneself is the first — blaming others if things go wrong. Take what you want, but take it gracefully then apologise for having it, but keep it all the same, and then put a sentry over it. This has answered very But the reason why well in our colonial policy.

Home ; ; ; to me this that the children are taught in the schools terrible jargon of gentility, to which the vigorous vulgarity of the early Victorian Cockney The imitation of Our was infinitely preferable. Betters is is once more to be deprecated. " Every man should have a pride ticular work to which he is called. in the parInstead of thinking only of the reward which that work brings him, every workman should learn to love and to it should be to him even take a pride in his craft ; 21 Our more important than Betters football.

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