Spice and Wolf, Vol. 6 - light novel by Isuna Hasekura

By Isuna Hasekura

As Holo and Lawrence commence the ultimate leg in their trip, Lawrence comes to a decision to accompany Holo to her old domestic of Yoitsu, if basically to prevent their parting just a little longer. Boarding a boat from the port of Lenos (much to the chagrin of the wisewolf, who's none too keen on water!), the pair's destiny turns into entangled with that of a boy named Col, whose story of his conditions - mixed with the gossip of the sailors - results in a surprising revelation approximately Holo's place of origin!

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Still, it was cold upon the river. She couldn't very well afford to lose her tail. Lawrence replied slowly, "For my part, I'm afraid of your smile:' "Fool:' Halo's smile shined from underneath her hood. As it flows gently past the town of Lenos from east to west through the grasslands, the Roam River is a perfectly normal river. In the spring and early summer when the water level is higher, they say the shipments of lumber that are floated down the river are an amazing sight, looking like some great water serpent, but at the moment, all they could see both fore and aft was the orderly line of boats.

And here she is:' "Oh ho! " boomed Ragusa with a clap of his hands, so loudly that Holo's shoulders flinched. Sailors, as a rule, were a loud-voiced lot. Too loud, no doubt, for Halo, whose hearing was so keen she could hear the sound of someone furrowing his brow. " Perhaps thinking they were a married couple, Ragusa asked Lawrence rather than inquiring of Halo directly. In any case, he was nothing like the moneychanger that had once tried to seduce Halo immediately upon meeting her. A bag holding bread or the like hung from Holo's shoulder, and under an arm, she carried a small cask.

And wine-the stronger the better:' 24 He handed Halo two glimmering silver pieces from his coin purse. " Halo had a good grasp of the market and knew that the amount she'd been given wouldn't buy wheat bread. "Bread needs yeast to make it rise. So, too, does money to buy that bread:' Wheat bread had been out of the question after the conversa­ tion in the inn. Though Halo gave a frustrated nod, her frustration was not es­ pecially deep. She quickly looked up again. " Evidently she had figured out that Lawrence generally preferred wine that was easy to drink.

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