Social unrest risks in Asia by Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd.- PERC

By Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd.- PERC

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Yet the challenge of Taiwan, while vividly illustrating the weakness of the missionary movement when faced with a colonial government dedicated to modernization, also revealed a very positive side of the missionary movement: unusual circumstances highlighted the sterling qualities that many missionaries possessed. What happened in the Japanese Empire differed from what took place in Japan, largely because of cultural, political, economic, and religious differences. Even though the response was different, missionaries in Korea in the late nineteenth century were confronted with many of the problems that had faced missionaries in Japan some twenty years before.

The Japanese admired the first generation of missionaries for their learning and intellectual breadth. The generation of missionaries, who were products of the student volunteer movement and missionaries by vocation, did not seem as wise and learned as their predecessors, at least in the eyes of a mature Uchimura. In contrast, some Japanese Christian leaders like J. S. 14 For their part, missionaries continued to regard themselves as important in the development of the Japanese Christian movement.

5 As Home Mission Boards of the Canadian churches were tackling this problem, they were simultaneously faced in eastern Canada with severe problems posed by urbanization, which was undermining denominations that traditionally had derived their support from rural constituencies. H. H. "6 The union of the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational churches in 1925, forming the United Church of Canada, was in part caused by a desire to facilitate this work in western Canada. Union brought the Canadian Methodist and Presbyterian missions in Japan and Korea under one central United Church Missionary Society in Toronto.

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