Programming for PaaS: A Practical Guide to Coding for by Lucas Carlson

By Lucas Carlson

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is gaining severe traction between net and cellular builders, yet as new PaaS services emerge and current proprietors improve their positive factors, it's demanding to maintain music of what PaaS has to provide. This thorough creation takes you thru the PaaS version from a developer's perspective, and breaks down the categories of companies that Google App Engine, home windows Azure, Heroku, Cloud Foundry, and others deliver.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a part of a wide firm improvement staff, this e-book exhibits you ways PaaS should help specialise in cutting edge purposes, instead of spend a while being concerned approximately technical operations.

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However, Heroku still doesn’t let you write to the file‐ system. The rationale is that this makes it easier to create more instances of your app (Heroku calls them “dynos”). If you were to upload or change a piece of code, it would only end up running on a single dyno, and if your application runs on 100 dynos, the uploaded file would not be propagated, leaving an inconsistent dyno. In order to prevent that problem, Heroku simply says that you cannot write to the filesystem (except for an ephemeral temporary directory).

This enhanced reliability comes courtesy of one of the key tenets of scalable architecture in the modern web development era: N-tier architecture. Sharing the Load With N-tier application architecture, you don’t put your app logic on the same servers as your database servers or caching servers or load balancers. You have different layers of servers that handle different aspects of the application independently. You do this for horizontal scalability, so that you can add more capacity by simply adding more of a certain kind of service in parallel and then configuring the software to dis‐ tribute the load.

However, web applications might experience spikes. If you’re preparing to go on a talk show or a news program, you need to be prepared to handle the resulting traffic to your website. With a colocated facility, you would have to order the servers, wait a few weeks, then bring them in and have them configured, which could take another few weeks. With Infrastructure-as-a-Service, you can make an automated API call 24 hours a day and add a thousand servers to your system that can be available within minutes.

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