Foreign direct investment trends and fallout from Egyptian by Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd.- PERC

By Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd.- PERC

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He got some real bargains. For a handful of dollars he bought works hundreds of years old, amongst them a 500-year-old manuscript from Uzbekistan for which the Uzbek government later offered him $25,000. He found Zahir Shah’s personal copy of his own favourite, the epic poet Ferdusi’s great work Shah Nama, and bought several books dirt cheap from the thieves, who were unable even to read the titles. After nearly five years of intense fighting between the mujahedeen warlords, half of Kabul had been reduced to a pile of rubble and had lost 50,000 citizens.

She knew they would dislike him. He was uneducated, had no money and was from an inferior family. In Hayatabad it is the parents’ wishes that count. Saliqa’s sister married after a five-year fight with her father. She had fallen in love with someone other than the one her parents had chosen and she refused to give him up. The battle ended when the two lovers each emptied a bottle full of pills and were sent in great haste to hospital to be pumped. Only then did the parents consent. One day circumstances brought Saliqa and Nadim together.

He was a believer, but a moderate Muslim. He prayed to Allah every morning, but usually ignored the following four calls to prayer unless the religious police pulled him in to the nearest mosque with other men they had snatched up from the streets. He reluctantly respected the fast during Ramadan and did not eat between sunup and sundown, at least not when anyone was looking. He was faithful to his two wives, brought up his children with a firm hand and taught them to be good God-fearing Muslims.

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