Classical Arminianism by F. Leroy Forlines

By F. Leroy Forlines

This booklet is a invaluable contribution to the Arminian-Calvinist debate. Forlines and Pinson have labored jointly to supply a very good source from an Arminian interpretation. Forlines is understood for his paintings in this topic having formerly released "Quest for fact" with Randall condo in 2001. This new booklet takes the content material with regards to the doctrine of salvation from that unique paintings arranging it in logical order in a extra reader-friendly style. Pinson extra his creation to the paintings and edited the content material regarding the doctrine of salvation. this can be an exceptional source for learn of the Arminian view for these trying to safeguard their theological place.

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Persuasion is a form of influence. I get the impression that they think I could and should agree. I do not think they have any different idea about persuasion than I do. ” I need to point out that in common speech we frequently tend to use the terms influence and response and cause and effect somewhat interchangeably. ” Though the terms may be interchangeable (to a certain extent) in common speech, I do not believe any confusion will develop from my using them the way I do in a theological work.

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God will not do this—not because something is being imposed on God to which He must submit, but because God designed the relationship to be a relationship between personal beings. Human beings are personal beings by God’s design and were made for a personal relationship with a personal God. God will not violate His own plan. The nature of the case does not demand that God work in a cause and effect relationship with human beings. We dare not take the position that God is unable to work with human beings within the framework of influence and response.

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