Christians under Covers: Evangelicals and Sexual Pleasure on by Kelsy Burke

By Kelsy Burke

Christians less than Covers shifts how students and renowned media discuss non secular conservatives and intercourse. relocating clear of debates over homosexuality, premarital intercourse, and different perceived sexual sins, Kelsy Burke examines Christian sexuality web content to teach how a few evangelical Christians use electronic media to advertise the concept that God desires married, heterosexual to have gratifying intercourse lives. those evangelicals continue their non secular ideals whereas incorporating feminist and queer language into their speak of sexuality—encouraging sexual wisdom, emphasizing women’s excitement, and justifying marginal sexual practices inside of Christian marriages. This illuminating ethnography complicates the limits among common and subversive, empowered and oppressed, and sacred and profane.

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The logic of godly sex is a circular and incorrigible proposition that allows heterosexuality to rest not on its former pillars—marriage, monogamy, and binary gender—but upon religion. Which prediction will come true? Christian sexuality websites are one place where this future is unfolding. T H E S T U DY Cyberspace has the power to both reflect the larger world’s norms and values and shape and reimagine these norms and values, creating new realities for its participants. Through in-depth analysis of websites and their content, observations of online activity in real time, and online interviews with website creators and users, Christians under Covers shows how religious conservatives use the Internet as both a producer and a product of their faith.

Evangelicals must look to interpreters who bridge the gaps between secular messages that are relevant in modern life but have the wrong values and biblical messages that have the right values but seem to be irrelevant to modern life. Today, Christian sex advice is well integrated into evangelical culture. While authors of evangelical sexual manuals, like the LaHayes, are not representative of all evangelicals, they are easily recognized within mainstream evangelicalism. The coauthors of Intimate Issues, Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus, have appeared on Focus on the Family’s radio show and Pat Robertson’s TV program, The 700 Club.

Their book, as they explained in its introduction, was intended to fill a gap in existing literature, both secular and religious: “Most Christian books [about sex] skirt the real issues and leave too much to the imagination [ . . ]. Secular books, on the other hand, often go overboard telling it like it is in crude language repulsive to those who need help. [ . . ”1 The Act of Marriage: The Beauty of Sexual Love is as its authors describe: an extremely practical book about sex that constantly references the Bible and the authors’ interpretation of it.

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