China - Central Asia Countries: Making New Partnership by Vladimir Portyakov, Zheng Yu, Venera Galyamova, Zhang

By Vladimir Portyakov, Zheng Yu, Venera Galyamova, Zhang Yunling

In line with examine financed through the Ford origin this booklet brings jointly the paintings of students and specialists from China and its imperative Asian pals delivering a close perception into China’s family members with imperative Asian international locations.

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Indd 292 2008-2-13 16:42:51 14 Central Asian Countries and China: Managing the Transition / 293 water, energy and other resources. As newly independent states however, there existed a desire for autonomy and a desire to reduce interdependency. This is one of the reasons why multilateral cooperation through the SCO in commercial and economic spheres can still struggle to truly move forward. Even ignoring the regional energy reserves, during the early 1990s it was clear that the combined economic potential of Central Asian countries was strong and that a new post-Soviet format of cooperation could be implemented based on the principle of a common market.

In fact the focus for modern Central Asia should be the formation of a new region with new relationships and with a new (or renewed) leader B. It is argued that the crucial condition for a successful regionalisation is for the leader or leading country to be strategically powerful enough to maintain a sustainable development of all participants without being easily threatened by challenges to security. Both Central Asia and this leading power will benefit from such cooperation. At present,however it appears that most of outside powers continue to involve themselves in the affairs of Central Asian countries only to persuade them to “face the right direction”.

B This is why it is quite natural that the leadership of Russia and a considerable part of the intellectual section of Russian society regard dynamic and stable China as a serious factor of the development and solution of the socio-economic problems of the RF itself. It is important to emphasize that not only a considerable number of Russian A In what directions do American-Russian relations develop? xinhuanet. htm. B Zhongguo shi ge “daguo” ma (Is China a “great power”)? Shijie zhishi. 2007. 16-27.

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