Chemical Mutagens: Principles and Methods for Their by Ilse-Dore Adler, J. Grant Brewen (auth.), Frederick J. de

By Ilse-Dore Adler, J. Grant Brewen (auth.), Frederick J. de Serres, Alexander Hollaender (eds.)

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94) Leptoene and 12 Ilse-Dore Adler and J. 3 days. Diplotene requires another 21 hr, and diakinesis-metaphase I, as well as the second meiotic division, occur within about 10 hr. 1. (3) However, contradictory results(125) indicate that the analysis of chromatid aberrations at diakinesis is subject to individual interpretation, more so than at mitosis. The principal difficulty appears to be the discrimination between true chromatid interchanges and associated bivalents due to chromosome stickiness.

O. o. p. p. p. p. p. p. Doses (mg/kg) Mouse [(101 x C3H) F I , NMRI, and A-AJAX) Chinese Hamster Rat (Osborne-Mendel) Chinese hamster Rat (Holtzman) Chinese hamster Mouse (NMRI) Chinese hamster Chinese hamster Chinese hamster Chinese hamster Rats [Wistar (Han 67)) Mouse (DDY) Mouse (Swiss Albino) Chinese hamster Mouse (CBA) Species TABLE 1. Analysis of Chromatid Aberrations in Spermatogonia Neg. Neg. Neg. Pos. Neg. Pos. Pos. Pos. Pos. Pos. Neg. Pos. Pos. Pos. Pos. Results 86 47 81 75 82 104 80 106 81 82 72 115 24 92 122 Ref.

H. ), pp. 57 -76, Elsevier/North-Holland, Amsterdam, (1977). 40. L. Fabry, A. Leonard, and M. Roberfroid, Mutagenicity tests with styrene oxide in mammals, Mutat. Res. 51, 377-381 (1978). 41. C. E. Ford, A. G. Searle, E. P. Evans, and B. F. West, Differential transmission of translocations induced in spermatogonia of mice by irradiation, Cytogenetics 8, 447-470 (1969). 42. W. M. Generoso, R. J. Preston, and J. G. Brewen, 6-Mercaptopurine, an inducer of cytogenetic and dominant lethal effects in premeiotic and early meiotic germ cells of male mice, Mutat.

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