Chemical Compounds in the Atmosphere by T. E. Graedel

By T. E. Graedel

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4-18 Trisodium aluminumhexafluoride MgCl 2 280 (a),292 (a) 115 titanium mfr. aluminum mfr. lead mfr. 256* (a),492 (a) 115(a) A1C1, aluminum mfr. rocket 256*(a) 536 N a 3A l F 6 aluminum mfr. 256*(a),492(a) A1F 3 Ambient cone. 114 213*(a),214*(a) fertilizer mfr. fertilizer mfr. 4-15 Ref. 4 I N O R G A N I C H A L O G E N A T E D C O M P O U N D S E m i s s i o n and Detection Species Number Emission Name Detection Chemical Formula Source Ref. Ref. 4-20 Silicon tetrafluoride SiF, aluminum mfr. fertilizer mfr.

No. Symbol 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 Bi Po At Rn Fr Ra Ac Th Pa U Np Pu Concentration" Aerosol constituent Ref. 001 C o n c e n t r a t i o n s are in parts per million by weight (473) ^Present only as a result of nuclear weapons testing ^Emitted from a u t o m o t i v e catalytic converters. Chemical 40 Compounds in the Atmosphere 50TH PERCENTILE OF CO HOURLY MEASUREMENTS (1973 DATA) - - 0 4 l I—11 i • u r n i n 12 8 1 16 I—I 20 C A R B O N MONOXIDE CONCENTRATION (PPM) Fig. 5-1. Distribution of 50th percentiles of CO hourly m e a s u r e ­ m e n t s at air quality monitoring sites within the continen­ tal United States, 1973 data (from reference 1004).

256* (a) 256* (a) 256*(a) 256* (a) 473(a) 256*(a) 12 4\ Ambient cone. 5 I N O R G A N I C E L E M E N T S , H Y D R I D E S , O X I D E S , and C A R B O N A T E S E m i s s i o n and Detection Species Number Emission Name Detection Chemical Formula Source Ref. Magnesium oxide MgO cement mfr. combustion fertilizer mfr. foundry lime mfr. magnesium mfr. refuse comb. steel mfr. titanium mfr. zinc mfr. 5-11 Aluminum oxide A2 °13 aluminum mfr. cement mfr. combustion fertilizer mfr. foundry lead mfr.

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