Catholic Theological Ethics: Ancient Questions, Contemporary by Todd A. Salzman, Michael G. Lawler

By Todd A. Salzman, Michael G. Lawler

This e-book has targets, one specific and one implicit. the specific goal is to discover the normative implications for either basic and sexual ethics of the methodological and anthropological advancements in Catholic culture. The implicit target is to stimulate discussion within the Church approximately ethics, rather sexual ethics, a discussion that needs to unavoidably comprise all within the communion-Church, laity, theologians, and hierarchy. given that we think that real and respectful discussion approximately sexual morality is sorely had to make clear Christian fact this day, we intend this publication to be a part of that actual dialogue.

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Drawing from MacIntyre, Code argues that we understand the knowing subject and the subject’s virtues through lived narrative. 79 Lived narrative is the context for adopting, prioritizing, and excelling in virtue. Integrating a virtuous perspective into ethical method recognizes the essential engagement of the theological ethicist, his or her perspective or stance, in the discipline. ” 80 This life-story is particularly evident in the habits of virtues, moral and intellectual, that shape the perception of the theological ethicist and his or her selection, interpretation, prioritization, and integration of the sources of moral knowledge.

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