Cardinal Bessarion : mystical theology and spiritual union by by Jacquilyne E. Martin. 2001

By by Jacquilyne E. Martin. 2001

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Southem, The iClakng of the Middle Ages (New Haven and London. 1953); idem. WesternSociery and the Chzrrch in the MiddZe Ages (Middlesex and Baltimore, 1970). For the early period see also Roger Collins. Eady ibfedieval Eiirope 300-1000 (London. 1991): for the later period. Steven Ozment. The Age of Reform 1250-1550: An Intelleciiinl and Rriigiotis Hisiory of Late Medieval and Ideological, Cultural and Social Estrangement The gradua1 development of two competing cosmologies produced considerable tension in relations benveen the nvo churches.

London. 1962). 57. ~ In the East. ' Primacy of honour was always accorded Rome and a right of appeal to Rome was ofien recognized in disputes. but the expanding claim of Rome to universal jurisdiction over the whole oEChnstendom was firmly resisted. The Byzantine understanding of Rome's primacy was based on her senior status and as the "old" imperial capital just as Constantinople's secondary standing in the Pentarchy rested on her status as the "new" Rome. Moreover. the consensus of al1 the bishops of Christendom.

011Dositheus' patronage see Storman. " 129 and ns. 8-9: Monfasani. " 120: Laurent. DHGE. 14. 700- 1 : Labowsky. DBI. 696-8. C 69Bessarion himself documents and dates his ecclesiastical advancements in a Horulogion in Cod. Marc. gr. 14. reproduced by Saffrey. "Recherches Cardinal Bessarion," 270-1. Saffiey. 273. indicates that. in order to conforrn to Byzantine canon law which required candidates for ordination as deacon and piest to be 25 and 30 yean of age respectively. Bessarion would have been bom in 1400.

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