Can We Still Believe the Bible?: An Evangelical Engagement by Craig Blomberg

By Craig Blomberg

A very popular biblical pupil deals an obtainable, nuanced argument for the Bible's reliability based on lately expressed severe perspectives approximately Scripture and its authority.

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Ecclesiastes raised questions because of its rather pessimistic outlook on life, while Esther was doubted because it was the only book being considered that never explicitly mentioned God. To the extent that they were more disobedient than not, God remained patient but eventually handed them over to their enemies—Philistia, Assyria, Babylon, and finally Persia. 42 The Hebrew Scriptures thus form a remarkably comprehensive package of the history of ancient Israel, the history of its relationship with God, and the ways in which God wants his people to live.

67 The contrast in the amount of textual evidence for the canonical Christian works could scarcely be greater. If we cannot say with confidence that we have the ability to reconstruct a biblical text that is overwhelmingly likely to be very, very close to the original texts of the books of Scripture, then to be consistent we should discard all ancient writings on any topic as being far more suspect and plead total agnosticism concerning the original contents of any documents produced before the breakthrough of Gutenberg’s printing press in about 1440!

Then the text continues as in the MT of 1 Samuel 11:1. ” In his twenty-volume work The Antiquities of the Jews, first-century Jewish historian Josephus claims that Nahash had defeated other Israelite armies beyond the Jordan and gouged out their troops’ right eyes, which suggests that he was probably aware of texts of Samuel that contained this account. , the Holman Christian Standard Bible [HCSB], NAB, NET, NJB, NLT, CEB, and NRSV). 53 Did Originals Originally Exist? Second- and third-century New Testament manuscripts may well be copies of the very autographs, or at least copies of those copies.

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