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Families of patients with bulimia nervosa have higher rates of substance abuse, particularly alcoholism, affective disorders, and obesity. ” —Kathleen N. Franco, “Eating Disorders,” Cleveland Clinic, March 2012. com. Franco is a psychiatrist with the Cleveland Clinic. “ There is some evidence that women who have a sister or mother with bulimia are at higher risk of developing the condition. ” —University of Maryland Medical Center, “Bulimia Nervosa,” September 11, 2010. edu. The University of Maryland Medical Center is in partnership with the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

Org. • According to the Kartini Clinic for Disordered Eating, bulimia in females is about five times as common as anorexia. • The National Women’s Health Information Center states that traumatic incidents such as abuse or rape can lead to the onset of an eating disorder. 47 Bulimia Coexistence of Bulimia and Other Disorders Although scientists cannot cite one specific cause for bulimia, they have identified a number of contributing factors, such as psychological and emotional problems. Examining the coexistence of eating disorders and other mental illnesses was one of the focuses of a study published in March 2011 by researchers from the United States and France.

If, for example, someone is genetically vulnerable and his or her parents overemphasize the ideal body shape and thinness, the person’s risk for developing anorexia or bulimia is markedly higher. Studies have shown that among adolescents with eating disorders, it is common for one or both parents to be preoccupied with their own bodies and appearance, be obsessed with exercise, and/or have unhealthy eating behaviors themselves. Mazzeo and Bulik write: Mothers’ comments about their own weight and appearance are associated with the body esteem of their fourth and fifth grade daughters and sons, and mothers who complain about their own weight are more likely to have daughters who are weight concerned.

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