Building Maintainable Software, Java Edition by Joost Visser, Sylvan Rigal, Rob van der Leek, Pascal van

By Joost Visser, Sylvan Rigal, Rob van der Leek, Pascal van Eck, Gijs Wijnholds

Have you felt annoyed operating with an individual else's code? Difficult-to-maintain resource code is a giant challenge in software program improvement this present day, resulting in high priced delays and defects. be a part of the answer. With this useful ebook, you'll research 10 easy-to-follow guidance for supplying Java software program that's effortless to take care of and adapt. those instructions were derived from interpreting 1000's of real-world systems.

Written by way of experts from the software program development workforce (SIG), this booklet presents transparent and concise factors, with recommendation for turning the ideas into perform. Examples for this version are written in Java, whereas our significant other C# booklet offers plausible examples in that language.

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Such clones are called Type 1 clones. It does not matter where the duplicates occur.

The systems in the benchmark are ranked based on their metric quality profiles. Figure 1-1 shows three examples of unit size quality profiles (print readers can view full-color figures for this and the other quality profiles that follow in our repository for this book). Figure 1-1. 625, a popular open source continuous integration server. The quality profile tells us that the Jenkins codebase has 64% of its code in methods that are no longer than 15 lines of code (compliant with the guideline).

We advise you to read this book starting with Chapter 2 and work your way through sequentially. Write short units of code (Chapter 2) Shorter units (that is, methods and constructors) are easier to analyze, test, and reuse. Write simple units of code (Chapter 3) Units with fewer decision points are easier to analyze and test. Write code once (Chapter 4) Duplication of source code should be avoided at all times, since changes will need to be made in each copy. Duplication is also a source of regression bugs.

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