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7 Contexts 5 Not surprisingly, Ratner paid close attention to the early theorists’ descriptions of what came to be called (c. ” The Newman-LaRue-Ratner projects (however they might differ in other respects) were ones of data-gathering and recovery. One of their features was to urge analysts to sideline nineteenth- or twentieth-century views of sonata form in order to gain a more period-conscious conception of the form. 9 Writers influenced by this point of view call upon the authority of lateeighteenth-century or early nineteenth-century writers on the form (such as the important statements of Heinrich Christoph Koch, Francesco Galeazzi, Augustus Kollmann, and Anton Reicha).

Whenever one hears the onset of S-space within any exposition, one should listen with an alert sense of anticipation for any subsequent PAC — how it might be approached, secured, delayed, thwarted, or deferred. One should experience any sonata form with a strongly “directed” preparatory set, pressing forward conceptually and anticipating genre-defining events-to-come. Following the EEC one or more additional cadences (PACs) may follow within the closing zone or closing space (C). ) Whether or not C-modules are present, the final cadence of the exposition will generally be a perfect authentic cadence in the secondary key (again, V:PAC, III:PAC, or v:PAC).

Sonata form, for Haydn, was in fact a point of departure, a mold, albeit a flex- Thus the challenge: to articulate the implied pattern-types that appear in some of the clearest or most notable exemplars and to do this with as much detail and specificity as the material encourages. ” Rather, they may be understood as what Dahlhaus, following Max Weber, regarded as ideal types or what we prefer to consider as regulative guides for interpretation. Moreover, these norms would have to be defi ned neither by unusual cases nor by expressive deformations of more standard choices.

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