Broadway Overtures For Piano Vol1 by Hal Leonard Corp.

By Hal Leonard Corp.

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J'\\ ~-j DOUBLE ~ '-'~"" . . f "-~ TRICHORD 2-52. Various types of vertical piano dampers: treble damper, left; bass wedges, right. The Dampers The lower a note is, the more vigorously the wire moves when it vibrates, and the more dense the damper must be. Bass dampers usually have harder felt wedges, while treble dampers usually have very soft, fluffy felt pads, as illustrated. Treble dampers decrease in length (measured from top to bottom) from low tenor to high treble. The highest notes have no dampers, because the tone dies out so quickly in this range that none are necessary.

Common variations on the hammer butt flange include the Billings flange, the brass flange rail, the Kimball brass flange rail, and the double flange. The Billings flange, made of brass, has two prongs that fit into a groove in the main rail to keep the flange in proper alignment. The flange grips the center pin tightly, and the center pin holes in the hammer butt contain the cloth bushings, just the opposite of a regular hammer butt flange, in which the butt grips the center pin and the flange contains the bushings.

The bridle straps keep the jacks from dropping and getting jammed under the bottom of the hammer butts when you remove the action from the piano. TONGUE 2-46. Detail of an ordinary flange with center pin and cloth bushings. Note the tongue and groove, which keep the flange in alignment. " S2 2-47. The upright action. 40 Chapter Two: Inside Information 2-48 (above). Operation of the upright action: key begins moving down, raising sticker, wippen, jack and hammer butt. 2-49 (above). Damper spoon begins to move damper lever, lifting damper off strings.

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