Brains by Purves, Dale

By Purves, Dale

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Hodgkin and Huxley’s discovery of the action potential mechanism was quickly recognized as a major advance; ten years after the work had been published, the Nobel committee awarded them the 1963 prize in Physiology or Medicine. 3 The electrical signal (the action potential or spike) that is conducted along nerve cell axons, transferring information from one place to another in the nervous system. A) Diagram of a cross-section of the spinal cord showing the stimulation of a spinal motor neuron (red) whose axon extends to a muscle.

I had no idea what any of the neurobiology faculty was doing then or why, but it was difficult to imagine how the leech could be pertinent to my ill-formed ambition to become a neuroscientist who might ultimately say something important or at least relevant to the human brain. 1 John Nicholls circa 1975. (Courtesy of Jack McMahan) In fact, Potter’s suggestion was a good one. I was somewhat reassured when Potter told me that Nicholls had been a graduate student with Bernard Katz in the late 1950s after he had completed his medical training in London, that he had been a fellow in Kuffler’s lab thereafter, and that his work on the leech was widely regarded as an outstanding example of what was then a new approach to understanding neural function—studying the nervous systems of relatively simple invertebrates.

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