Bomb Queen VI #2 by Jimmie Robinson

By Jimmie Robinson

Tale JIMMIE ROBINSONart & hide JIMMIE ROBINSON"OH, BOMB AH!" half TwoPresident Obama strikes ahead to close down Bomb Queen's urban of crime, however the Queen's villainous reaction may make Monica Lewinsky blush. do not leave out the scandal of the century while Bomb Queen takes at the White condominium. Can Obama deal with Bomb Queen's "improper relations?"

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All rights reserved. Learning Page 1630 E. com Written by Veronica Angel Illustrated by Maria Voris When the days get shorter, the geese fly south. When the temperatures get colder, the geese fly south. When the leaves fall from the trees, the geese fly south. 3 4 It is fall, and winter will soon arrive. The land will be covered with snow and ice. The geese fly south in groups called flocks. They go to a warmer place. They take to the sky, and they get into formations shaped like the letter V. They head for a warmer place.

Name 1. Something used to save lives at sea or along the shore. 2. The shape of a moon. anchor evidence gangway _____________________ _____________________ 3. Anything that proves something, like facts. 4. Something bigger than a boat. _____________________ 5. To lift or pull up with a crane or a rope. ______________________ • ship lifeboat first mate GO ANIMALS GO • LEVEL A RATTY RATS K crescent hoist sail 1 INSTRUCTIONS: In the first section, choose a word from the list and write it by its meaning.

They tripped the traps and ate the bacon and cheese. 12 11 “Set traps and catch the rats,” said the captain. ” “Sew the sails and bait more traps,” said the captain. ” But once again, the rats tripped the traps and ate the bait. 14 13 Next, the sailors went to hoist the sails. “Oh no, more evidence,” said the first mate. ” Next, a terrible storm blew up. The ship was tossed around in the rough waves. The captain sailed the ship into a quiet bay, and he ordered the sailors to drop the anchor. 15 16 “That’s it,” screamed the captain.

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