Birds of Arizona: A Falcon Field Guide [tm] by Todd Telander

By Todd Telander

Birds of Arizona is a box consultant to the a hundred and eighty commonest and sought-after species within the nation. very easily sized to slot in your pocket and that includes full-color, precise illustrations, this informative guide makes it effortless to spot birds on your yard, favourite parks, and natural world parts.

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The upperparts and head are brown with white spotting; the tail is brown with white bars. The underparts are white with broad, dark brown streaks, while the flanks, sides, and breast are brown. There are white “eyebrows” continuing to the bill, and the throat is white (not often visible on the perched bird). This fierce bird hunts mostly during twilight hours for insects or vertebrates, sometimes taking prey as big as itself. The voice is a short, soft, repeated hoot from high in the trees; the owl may be lured into view by imitating its call.

The Wilson’s Phalarope actively walks along shorelines or swims in circles to find insects or plant material. Illustration shows breeding male (top) and breeding female (bottom). indd 31 2/7/12 10:29 AM Ring-billed Gull, GULLS, TERNS Larus delewarensis Family Laridae (Gulls, Terns) Size: 18" Season: Winter Habitat: Lakes, ponds The Ring-billed Gull is common and quite tame. It is a relatively small gull with a rounded white head and a yellow bill with a dark subterminal ring. It has a pale gray back with black primaries tipped with white, and white underparts.

The adult male (bottom) and female (top) are illustrated. 5" Season: Spring and fall migrant Habitat: Woodlands, parks, gardens TROGONS The Rufous Hummingbird is a small, compact hummingbird with a relatively short bill and short wings. The male is bright rufous orange with green wings, a white breast patch, and an iridescent bronze gorget (throat patch). The tail is tipped with black. The female has white tips on the outer tail feathers, a green back and crown, and a whitish chin with rufous spotting that sometimes forms a congealed spot in the middle.

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