Bella Should Have Dumped Edward: Controversial Views on the by Michelle Pan

By Michelle Pan

The fourth Twilight booklet is out, yet many debatable concerns stay unresolved and open to discuss. Now the committed Twihards at argue passionately approximately what rather occurred and what "should" have occurred.
Who may still Bella have ended up with, Jacob or Edward?
Should Bella became a vampire?
Which personality was once miscast the main within the movies?
If you may be any Twilight personality, who could you be?
Which motion picture has stayed more true to the book?
Which occasion within the Twilight saga was once the main surprising?
Should "Breaking sunrise" have ended with a fight?
Which character's tale might make the simplest sequel?
Which vampire energy might you particularly have?

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But even though she goes through all this hard stuff when she comes to live in Forks with Charlie, she finds love. And not just her one true love—she also finds a best friend. She has everything that I will ever want out of life. She’s so lucky. I know a lot of people who just think the series is all so cheesy and poorly written, but I don’t know how they can’t see what Bella goes through as something exciting and amazing, even if her life is threatened on more than one occasion. If I could be anyone, it would be her.

Other popular choices among the fans were Taylor Lautner as Jacob and Robert Pattinson as Edward. Which Twilight saga movie character is least accurately cast? Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan Rachel, 23, Saskatchewan, Canada Kristen Stewart as Bella is the least accurately cast character, I would say. When reading the books, particularly the first book, Twilight, Bella feels so tangible she could be your next-door neighbor. In anticipation for the first movie to hit theaters, I was expecting an actress to portray Bella with such meticulous accuracy to not only the description of Bella but also her mannerisms and nature.

She is so caring and kind, and like Edward, she would risk her life to save Bella. Alice is also compassionate and optimistic, which makes even the direst situation seem manageable. She has one of those relationships with her mate, Jasper, that isn’t complicated. They, too, are soul mates, but they don’t have all the angst and pain that accompanies Edward and Bella’s relationship. Alice seems confident and self assured, never doubting herself. That is someone I would strive to be every day until I accomplished my goal.

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