Beginning Jazz Guitar: The Complete Jazz Guitar Method by Jody Fisher

By Jody Fisher

An individual with an information of uncomplicated chords and guitar scale fingerings can dig correct in and begin studying to play jazz straight away. Spanning from the key scale and uncomplicated triad conception all of the manner as much as prolonged chords and the modes, this booklet includes a full-length etude or tune to compliment each new idea brought. starting Jazz Guitar breaks the age-old culture of dry, intimidating and complicated jazz books, and offers a precise step by step and relaxing technique for studying to play during this sort.

Clearly geared up into simply mastered segments, every one bankruptcy is split into separate classes on concord or improvisation. All song is proven in typical notation and TAB, and the CD demonstrates the examples within the booklet. ninety six pages.

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I wish BUMPER TO BUMPER would last. © 1987, Student Lyric. Used with permission. In the song's second verse, the singee speeds out of sight. Although the writer then repeated the chorus, the plot has advanced past the point where the chorus factually holds up. Actually, the chorus didn't work after its second line: How could they be bumper to bumper if he'd "passed her on the right"? In fact, the only way that "bumper to bumper" could work as a title would be if the singer/singee encounter stayed in that parallel position for the entire lyric: A chorus could then express the singer's frustration at being trapped in emotional gridlock.

But once we... I guess you... remember when we'd.. 1 can tell that... I wish you 'd . . if only . . maybe. . someday. . An AABA Example Here's an AABA lyric designed with a last-line title: MIDNIGHT MOOD A Turn off the television Put down that paper, too. I've got an indecent proposition That I'd like to propose to you. I'm gonna unhook the receiver As soon as I send out for Chinese food. Although the sun's still high in a daylight sky I'm in a MIDNIGHT MOOD. A Put on some Charlie Parker, Pour me some Spanish rose, / can't hold out till it gets any darker, What I'm needing I need right away.

When you conceive your verse music, try to develop your melodic motif in such a way that the listener will look forward to hearing the verse repeated three or four more times. Before Moving On Exercise # 6 Imagine you've designed an AAA lyric which —like "Sue and John" —illustrates the national statistic that one out of three marriages ends in divorce. Your lyric won't state it, of course, it will show it by means of changing scenes of three different breakups. Now devise a one- or two-line refrain that will make your point as it closes each verse.

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