Basic College Mathematics, Second Edition, Edition: Second by Julie Miller

By Julie Miller

Easy collage arithmetic bargains a fresh method of the normal content material of the path. offered in worktext layout, simple university arithmetic makes a speciality of easy quantity abilities: operations and problem-solving with complete numbers, fractions, and decimals. different subject matters comprise geometry, dimension, ratios, proportions, percents, and the genuine quantity method (with an advent to algebra). The textual content displays the compassion and perception of its skilled writer workforce with positive aspects built to handle the explicit wishes of developmental point scholars.

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4,672 4 thousands ϩ 6 hundreds ϩ 7 tens ϩ 2 ones b. 257,016 2 hundred-thousands ϩ 5 ten-thousands ϩ 7 thousands ϩ 1 ten ϩ 6 ones Example 4 Converting Expanded Form to Standard Form Convert to standard form. a. 2 hundreds ϩ 5 tens ϩ 9 ones b. 1 thousand ϩ 2 tens ϩ 5 ones Solution: Skill Practice Convert to standard form. 8. 8 thousandsϩ5 hundredsϩ 5 tens ϩ 1 one 9. 5 hundred-thousands ϩ 4 thousands ϩ 8 tens ϩ 3 ones a. 2 hundreds ϩ 5 tens ϩ 9 ones ϭ 259 b. Each place position from the thousands place to the ones place must contain a digit.

The number of viewers for four television programs for a selected week is given in the table. (Source: The Nielsen Company) What is the total number of viewers? Program 3,421,019 822,761 1,003,721 ϩ 9,678 106. The number of votes tallied for the leading presidential candidates for the 2004 election is given in the table. S. Department of State) Find the total number of votes for these three candidates. 3 1. Introduction to Subtraction Objectives Jeremy bought a case of 12 sodas, and on a hot afternoon he drank 3 of the sodas.

30 ϩ 21 ϭ ϩ 54. 101 ϩ 44 ϭ ϩ 55. 8 ϩ 13 ϭ ϩ For Exercises 56–59, rewrite the addition problem using the associative property of addition, by inserting a pair of parentheses. 56. 14 ϩ 82 ϩ 13 ϭ 4 ϩ 8 ϩ 13 57. 123 ϩ 92 ϩ 10 ϭ 23 ϩ 9 ϩ 10 58. 7 ϩ 112 ϩ 82 ϭ 7 ϩ 12 ϩ 8 59. 41 ϩ 13 ϩ 222 ϭ 41 ϩ 3 ϩ 22 60. Explain the difference between the commutative and associative properties of addition. 61. Explain the addition property of 0. Then simplify the expressions. a. 423 ϩ 0 b. 0 ϩ 25 c. qxd 6/13/08 3:41 PM Page 18 BASIC— 18 Chapter 1 Whole Numbers Objective 4: Translations and Applications Involving Addition For Exercises 62–70, translate the English phrase into a mathematical statement and simplify.

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