Asia - Tourism Pearls of the Silk Road

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Made entirely of three mausoleums which date from the 11- stone, it served as a fortress as well as a reli- 12th centuries are called Northern, Middle gious learning centre and shelter for trade and Southern according to their location and caravans. were built in the centre of the city. The rulers Cultural and Historical Resources of Karakhanids dynasty are buried here and it Tokmak - located to the north of the country is believed that the actual founder of the are two main monuments. Ak-Beshim - con- dynastry, Nasr Ibn Ali is buried in the Middle tains the ruins of the ancient town called Mausoleum.

Rafting - this is another popular outdoor Horse treks - this is a very popular tourist activity along the mountain rivers in activity and can be practised throughout the Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz territory. These excursions provide light physical training in open air scenic destinations and also provides the tourist with the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding. Scuba diving - this can be enjoyed in a clear water lake near Ulan (18km from Balikchi). The lake also contains the remains of a 12th century town.

Kuuz Kuu (catch the girl) - involves a contest between young boys and girls. In this race, A variety of special interest activities such as the girl does her best to gallop away from the alpinism, hunting, young man. When he tries to overtake her, safaris, kayaking and biking are available in she lashes him with a whip. If the boy cannot Kazakhstan. catch up before reaching a predetermined trekking, skiing, point, the girl may 'reward' him with more whipping. If he succeeds in besting her, he gets a kiss.

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