Artificial Neuronal Networks by S. Lek, J. L. Giraudel, J. F. Guégan (auth.), Prof. Sovan

By S. Lek, J. L. Giraudel, J. F. Guégan (auth.), Prof. Sovan Lek, Dr. Jean-François Guégan (eds.)

In this e-book, an simply comprehensible account of modelling equipment with man made neuronal networks for useful functions in ecology and evolution is supplied. detailed gains comprise examples of functions utilizing either supervised and unsupervised education, comparative research of man-made neural networks and standard statistical equipment, and recommendations to house terrible datasets. wide references and a wide variety of themes make this ebook an invaluable consultant for ecologists, evolutionary ecologists and inhabitants geneticists.

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7) Fig. 5. Error surface as function of a weight showing gradient and local and global minima Error Gradient Minimum local Minimum global S. Lek . L. Giraudel . F. Guegan 10 The learning rate (TJ) and the momentum term (a) play important roles in the learning process of BPN. If the values of these parameters are wrong, the network can oscillate, or more seriously it can get stuck in a local minimum. 95, Endlf A training set must have enough examples of data to be representative for the overall problem.

Three plains appear (light areas) separated by hills or mountains (dark areas): I. setosa individuals residing mainly in the left lower plain, I. versicolor in the right upper plain and some I. virginica in a little plain area in the middle of the right side. The mountainous area from the upper left to the lower right part of the map mainly groups I. versicolor and I. virginica. Another interesting representation with SOM is the distribution of each variable on the map (Fig. 16). SOM is coloured for each component of weight vectors, namely Fig.

Linear function, a threshold function, a sigmoid function, etc. (Fig. 4). A sigmoid function is often used. Its formula is: 1 Xj = f(a) = ----a-. 1+ e J The weights play an important role in propagation of the signal in the network. e. they contain the knowledge of the neuronal network about the problem/solution relationship. The forward-propagating step begins with the presentation of an input pattern to the input layer, and continues as activation level calculations propagate forward till the output layer through the hidden layer(s).

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