Art Treasures in the Vatican Museums by Vatican Museums

By Vatican Museums

Via their patronage & the presents accorded them through emperors, kings, & different potentates, the just about 2,000-year succession of popes has encouraged a unprecedented variety of artwork made within the provider of the sacred & the religious. lots of those works have been commissioned from the main exalted artists & craftsmen in their time. the following organization of those works with the papacy has purely extra to their luster.

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Particolare: Cris'o e la Madonna Christ and our Lady Jesus-Christ et la Sainte Vierge Das Jiingste Gericht. Detail: Christus und die Mutter Gottes El Juicio Final. Detalle: Cristo y la Virgen II The Last Judgement. Detail: Le Jugement Dernier. ) XV Veduta d'insieme General view Vue d'ensemble Gesammtansicht Vista de conjunto GALLERIA DELLE CARTE GE0GRAF1CHE 37 RAFFAELLO (U rhino 148 3 Roma - e GIULIO 1520) ROMANO (Roma 1492 -Mantova Borgo Borgo L'incendie de Borgo Der Brand im Borgo El incendio de Borgo L'mcendio The STANZE DI RAFFAELLO - STANZA DELL'INCENDIO DI BORGO fire of di 1546) 38 RAFFAELLO (Urbino 1485 -Roma 1520) Disputa del SS.

Stephan San Esteban predica al pueblo CAPPELLA DI NICCOLO' V 21 BEATO ANGELICO (Vicchio di Mugello 1387 1455) - Roma L'ordinazione di renzo The Ordination San of LoSaint Lawrence L'Ordination de Saint Laurent Die Priesterweihe des hi. ) Veduta d'insieme General view Vue d'ensemble Gesammtansicht Vista de conjunto CAPPELLA SISTINA 24 BOTTICELLI (Firenze 1444 Virenze 1510) - La guarigione del lebbroso The healing of the leprous La guerison du lepreux Die Heilung des Aussatzigen La curacion del leproso CAPPELLA SISTINA 25 GHIRLANDAIO (Firenze 1449Firenze 1494) La vocazione di e S.

Andrew Vocation de Saint et Saint Pietro Peter Pierre Andre Die Berufung des und des hi. Pe- Andreas La vocacion de San Pedro y San Andres trus UPPELLA SISTINA hi. in < RAFFAELLO (Urbino 14S5 - Roma 1520) La consegna delle Chiavi. Arazzo Delivery of the Keys. Tapestry La remise des Clefs. Tapisserie Schlusselubergabe. La entrega de IPPELLA SISTINA Wandteppuh las Llaves. Tapiz PINACOTECA VATICANA ~ ^ - -, -. ft**? t^^WI ; v? A - *. Jg M ' I , \G ££** S>* ill If -Tv-n \g 1 ! ' n t V^ SiSiS^i^^^SSfHil "* ^ r ' rriinrilrriirr|lrrilfrirr=ili5f MICHELANGELO (Caprese 1475 11 - floras 1564) peccato originale The first sin Le peche original Der Siindenfall El pecado original CAPPELLA SISTINA 29 MICHELANGELO (Caprese 1475 Roma II - 1564) Profeta Giona The Prophet Jonas Le Prophcte Jonas Der Prophet Jonas El Profeta Jonas 30 MICHELANGELO {Caprese 1475 1564) - Roma II Proleta Geremia The Prophet Jeremiah Le Prophete Jeremie Der Prophet Jeremias El Profeta Jeremias 30 J" A 'PELL A SISTINA 1 ( 31 MICHELANGELO (Caprese 1475 1564) - Roma Figura decorativa Decorative figure Figure decorative Dekorativ Figur Figura decorativa 32 MICHELANGELO {Caprese 1475 1564) - Roma Figura decorativa Decorative figure Figure decorative Dekorativ Figur Figura decorativa CAPPELLA SISTINA 53 MICHELANGELO (Caprese 1475 La - Roma 1564) Sibilla Libica The Libyan Sibyl La Sibylle Libyenne Die Libysche Sibylle La Sibila Libica CAPPELLA SISTINA 34 MICHELANGELO (Caprese 1475 II - Roma 1564) Giudizio Universale The Last Judgement Le Jugement Dernier Das Jiingste Gericht El Juirio Final CAPPELLA SISTINA a|MB^ ^SSf 35 MICHELANGELO (Caprese 1475 "^TbB , P5 *^3 ^4 0r -^r >^^B • - Roma 1564) Giudizio Universale.

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