Architecture for Children by Sarah Scott

By Sarah Scott

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48 3 THE CHILDREN’S CENTRE ENVIRONMENT 4 1 Kinderhaus Violetta, Ludwigsburg, Germany 2 Kindergarten Friedrich-EbertStrasse, Heilbronn, Germany 3 Ebenholz Centre, Vaduz, Liechtenstein 4 The Children’s School, New Canaan, NY, USA 49 ARCHITECTURE FOR CHILDREN 1 50 2 THE CHILDREN’S CENTRE ENVIRONMENT 3 4 5 1 Fuji Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan 2 Kindergarten Friedrich-EbertStrasse, Heilbronn, Germany 3 Fuji Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan 4 Kintori Way Children’s Centre, London, UK 5 Maibara Cho Preschool, Shiga, Japan 51 ARCHITECTURE FOR CHILDREN 1 2 3 1 Kinderhaus Violetta, Ludwigsburg, Germany 2–4 Cowgate Under 5’s Centre, Edinburgh, UK 52 4 THE CHILDREN’S CENTRE ENVIRONMENT 1 Fuji Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan To allow for interactive, industrious play and to teach environmentalism, life cycles, recycling, making things from scratch, enjoying nature, 2 Villetta Centre, Reggio Emilia, Italy way of exposing children to the cycles of life and encouraging nurturing.

This concept is further explored in the Maramotti Centre out to the end of the garden, extending the playroom’s territory to its furthest limits. Circulation bridges in centres in Finland and Germany link through the voids above communal spaces, allowing the movements within the community to be seen while also providing an overview of the whole space (images 5 and 6). In Heilbronn, the cubic volume of the centre is cut into by open cubic voids of the decks that abut each playroom, giving a sense that the outside is physically cutting into the built form (image 7).

At Soinisen Koulu Primary School, Finland a lightweight glazed roof that lets sky and air seep in 45 ARCHITECTURE FOR CHILDREN The Children’s School, New Canaan, NY, USA, with its borrowed space and scenery of the woods outside flooding in. 46 THE CHILDREN’S CENTRE ENVIRONMENT 47 ARCHITECTURE FOR CHILDREN 1 The great outdoors There is a fine line between leaving the environment as natural as possible and yet designing it to provide tools for the many different ways that children play. Below are some examples of the ways in which children play, and some of the tools and spaces these different playing styles might require: Social play: public and private areas and circulation links, interaction games area, somewhere just to run.

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