Ancient Fishing and Fish Processing in the Black Sea Region by Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen

By Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen

This quantity demanding situations the orthodox view that fishing and fish performed just a marginal position within the financial system of the traditional international. in reality, there's archaeological facts for old fish processing on a advertisement scale not just within the Mediterranean itself, but in addition at the Atlantic coast and within the Black Sea quarter, specifically the Crimea. Our literary resources testify to the frequent culinary and medicinal use of salted fish and fermented fish sauces in antiquity, and particularly within the first centuries advert. during this publication, the authors determine the current country of analysis on old fishing and speak about its implications for the heritage of the Black Sea sector, specially the interval of Greek colonization alongside its shorelines. whereas grain has commonly been seen because the major export commodity of the Pontic colonies, the life of salting-vats at the coast of the Crimea point out construction of salt-fish or fish sauce on a wide scale, possibly for export. even if, many questions stay unanswered: for example pertaining to possession and association of the processing amenities, or how the completed product used to be transported to far away markets.

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When thinking about the relationship between fish and food in ancient thought, Athenaios demonstrates that fish is a topic not just for zoological research (which Aristotle, for example, pursued in On the History of Animals), but for the symposium and even for the theatre. Medical and culinary study of salt-fish and other fish in antiquity were not separated in ancient thought. Doctors were happy to write about the symposium and sympotic writers often refer to medical works. Galen and Athenaios have very different objectives, but they share interests in the identification and taxonomy of fish.

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1977, and Parker 1992, passim. For a Spain-Italy connection in the processed fish trade, see also Haley 1990, 72-78. 63 Curtis 1988a, 205-10; Curtis 1991, 143-144; Cotton, Lernau, and Goren 1996, 223238; Lernau, Cotton, and Goren 1996, 35-41; Meijer 2002, 142-145. 64 Curtis 1991, 80-83; Martin-Kilcher 1990, 37-44, idem 1994 and idem 2003. Cf. also the first-century AD Spanish vessel of garum scombri, found in Mogontiacum (mod. Mainz), that bore a titulus pictus indicating that the recipient was the imperial legate P.

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