An Index to Aquila: Greek-Hebrew, Hebrew-Greek, by Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

By Joseph Reider, Nigel Turner

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S. αϊρειν). άπαιτεΐν Is. iii 1 2 (leg. 2 pro DTft). άπαλλοτριοΰσθαι Ί1Τ niph. Mai. ii 1 1 Is. i 4 ·*· [α'] (σ'θ' Syh. ; θ' Q ; anon. 7 1 0 ) not Aqu. ). απαλός Gen. xxix 1 7 α'σ' Regn. II iii 3 9 α'σ' Pr. xxv 1 5 l o b xl 2 2 ( 2 7 ) α'θ' Ez. xvii 2 2 OL γ'. απαλός pi. neut. Lev. ii 1 4 α'σ' xxiii 1 4 OL λ' απαλά (FIELD pro άναλα : sec. Rab. b$*jS = bl} rp). p Deut. xxviii 5 6 . άπαλύvεLv * ρ Ί pu. Is. i 6 α' [σ'] ZIEGLER. άπαντάν SftS Is. xlvii 3 Ier. vii 1 6 ; SttD hiph. Ier. xv 1 1 xliii (xxxvi) 2 5 ; *qp T Ier.

I 26 27 ii 7 bis vi 2 6 Lev. xviii 5 Deut. xxxii 8 Regn. IV xxiii 14 20 Ps. xi (xii) 2 α'σ' 9 α'σ' xxx (xxxi) 20 21 GREEK-HEBREW I N D E X α'σ'ε' xxxviii (xxxix) 6 α'σ'ε' 12 xliv (xiv) 3 α'σ' xlviii (xlix) 3 α'θ'ε' 13 α'σ'ε' lxxxviii (lxxxix) 48 α'σ'θ'ε' lxxxix (xc) 3 cxv 2 (cxvi 11) α'σ'θ' cxliii (cxliv) 3 α'σ' Pr. xii 3 α'σ' xix 11 α'θ' xx 25 Ec. i 3 α'σ' iii 11 viii 9 α'σ' 11 ix 1 α'σ' Mich, ν 5 (4) α'σ'θ' ν 7 (6) α'θ' Hab. ii 17 Mai. iii 8 α'σ' Is. ii 11 α'σ'θ' 21 * xxii 6 α'θ' xxxviii 11 α'σ'θ' xlvii 3 α'σ' Ier.

Is. x 28 οι λ'. αύγασμα Lev. xiii 4 α' οι λ'. Π Num. iv 26 bis Regn. IV xxi 5 α'σ'θ' xxiii 12 Ps. ix 29 (x 8) α'σ' lxiv (lxv) 5 α'σ'θ' xcv (xcvi) 8 Is. lxii 9 οι λ' Ez. lx 14 36 A N I N D E X TO AQUILA αύλίζεσθαι pass. pV s. pV Deut. xxi 23 Ps. xxix (xxx) 6 α'σ' Is. i 21 α'σ'θ' lxv 4 α'σ' ; pV hithp. Ps. xc (xci) 1. f αύλιστήριον pVfc Is. χ 29 ; Tirbl? Is. i 8. αυλός V»Vn Is. ν 12. αυλών pbK Deut. xi 30 οι λ' ; Ps. xli (xiii) 2 (leg. cf. σ' πεδία rnVjK Ps. xxviii (xxix) 9). αύξάνειν ΠΊδ Deut.

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