Amazing Buildings by Philip Wilkinson

By Philip Wilkinson

Full-color paintings, together with cutaway illustrations and exploded perspectives, explores a number of the world's most famed architectural landmarks, together with the Paris Opera, the Taj Mahal, and Grand critical Station.

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The carvings are a mixture of various Christian symbols and pagan animal forms. Grotesque head, called a beakhead, with beak instead of mouth Medallion with two fish, representing zodiac sign of Pisces Zigzags typical of Romanesque doorways Mythical beasts symbolize people leaving the devil on the doorstep Tympanum, or semicircular panel, showing grapes on the vine Capital carved with lion One serpent swallowing another, a symbol of Christ’s descent into hell Shaft richly carved with intertwining foliage Knight entangled in snakes Carved sandstone figures 47 Windows Dripstone I ROUNDED OPENING Window frames were not just functional but served an elaborately decorative purpose in their own right.

Plain round column Cushion capital Ogee arch ARCHES ON STILTS The Great Mosque in Córdoba, Spain, was begun in 785 by Apd ar-Rahman I, one of the Muslim rulers of Spain. He employed builders from Syria. To gain extra height they built the arches on stilts, using lower arches to give added strength. The striking striped appearance of the arches was achieved by using alternate pale stones and dark bricks. Base TWISTING AND TURNING In the late Middle Ages masons experimented with new, highly ornate designs for columns.

In the late 18th century, metalworking was at its most ornate, and animal shapes like dolphins were popular. Doors can also have elaborate knockers in the shape of human or animal heads. RECYCLING In the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire, people often reused materials from abandoned Roman buildings. This Anglo-Saxon doorway in Colchester, England, was built with Roman bricks. The doorway has the typical triangular shape used widely in England before the Norman Conquest in 1066. Richly carved and painted doorframe LEAVING YOUR MARK This German doorway has an inscription commemorating the merchant and his wife who first lived in the house.

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