Agile Software Construction by John Hunt

By John Hunt

Introduces the middle thoughts, evaluates how winning they are often, in addition to what difficulties will be encountered Dispels various myths surrounding agile improvement

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Agile Software Construction

Introduces the middle suggestions, evaluates how winning they are often, in addition to what difficulties should be encountered Dispels various myths surrounding agile improvement

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R Prove it with code. At the end of the day, a model is an abstraction of what some software will do. It therefore needs to be proven in code. Within an agile approach, on iteration may be quite short and the modelling step and the implementation step close together. Thus, the model can be proved (or otherwise) by coding it up. 2 The Supplementary Practices The three additional supplementary categories of practises are productivity, documentation and motivation. 1. Productivity r Apply modelling standards.

This means that as an implementation is progressing some elements of the design may be found to be unimplementable, inefficient or fatally flawed. Thus, during the implementation some changes may be required to the design to ensure a working system, etc. In addition, there may be some situations in which it is difficult to define more than a highly abstract model, as not enough is known at that point about how the system should work. Thus, the model will need refinement at a later date when some missing information or understanding becomes available.

Indeed such a map may well not only provide a great deal more detail of the actual houses and street, it may also show details that in my case I do not wish to know (such as what exactly is underneath the road outside my house). 5 Agile Models Are Sufficiently Detailed It can take a great deal of time to put every element of detail into a particular diagram within a model. In many cases, the level of detail may go way beyond what is actually useful for the reader of the model. Agile modellers attempt to keep the level of detail presented (and therefore created) to the minimum actually required.

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