Aesthetic Experience and Literary Hermeneutics (Theory and by Hans Robert Jauss

By Hans Robert Jauss

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As theoreticians of the bour geois play, they demanded that the modern dramatist portray his hero as being like everyone else because only the sameness of hero and audience could arouse our compassion along with our fear. 9 As sti ll called for here in the name of the bourgeois ideal of equality and as contrasted with the remoteness of the perfect hero of classical tragedy, identification seems to have sunk to the level of an exchange of need and satisfaction or, worse still, of meeting "an unstilled need by substitute satisfactions" (p.

This transgressive function of question and answer can be found on both the byways of fictional literature and the royal way of literary processes such as the reception of myths which —as the history of Amphytrion shows 27—leave all "superiority of origin" far behind and are perfectly capable of competing with philosophical thought as vehicles of emancipation. Concerning the question how art can negate what exists and yet create norms, in other words, how it can provide yet not impose norms that will guide practical action so that their bindingness arises only from the consensus of their recipients, there is the recipe of an eighteenth-century philosopher whose authority is indisputable.

This element stands for the area of interaction but characteristically does no more than permit one to grasp communicative action in the stunted form of economically reified relations, and the intersubjectivity of communication merely in the abstract vis-a-vis of society and individual. If it were to become the foundation for a new theory of aesthetic praxis, Marx's circulation model would first have to be completed by a revaluation of interaction. "10 To agree with this criticism does not mean that one need base all one's hopes for a new social praxis that would give greater priority to communicative than to instrumental action, and thus restore balance to the triadic relationship of techne, communication, and world view, on the ideal of a domination-free discourse.

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