Aerothermochemistry by Gregorio Millán Barbany

By Gregorio Millán Barbany

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Considerable progress has been achieved in this field and pilot installations for laser isotope separation on a practical scale have been set up in some countries. However, the significance of the ideas, methods and processes that have been worked out for this purpose by far exceeds the bounds of the isotope separation problem. In the next few years one can expect applications of the selective effect of laser radiation in many other fields of science and technology (nuclear physics, chemistry and chemical technology, biochemistry and molecular biology) to be found.

28 Unlike single-photon photochemistry, it is difficult in multi-photon photochemistry to measure separately the fractions of particles which remain in the initial states, are transferred to intermediate states with an E < E or a are transferred to reactive states with an E > Ea. Thus, the concept of the multi-photon photoreaction yieUi Y of one laser pulse acting on one particle in the irradiated volume is introduced. This quantity can easily be measured by determining the fraction of particles which reacted after the pulse of radiation.

2. In the spectra of light atoms the main contribution to the isotope shift is made by the change in the nuclear mass. 3) where m and ~1 are the masses of the el ectron and the hydrogen 1 ike a tom, respectively, and Ry is the Rydberg constant. 4) where ~M is the difference in mass of the isotopes. 2]. A maximum is observed for hydrogen atoms which then decreases proportionally with 11M2 for the heavier atoms. 008 em-I, that is 10 3 times less. For heavy atoms the isotopic mass shift is negligible.

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