Actors in Acala by Philipp Haller

By Philipp Haller

Contemporary traits in machine structure make concurrency and parallelism an important component of effective software execution. The actor version of concurrency enables you to convey real-world concurrency in a usual means utilizing concurrent techniques that speak through asynchronous messages.

Scala is a programming language for the Java digital computing device, supplying very good aid for either object-oriented and useful programming. by way of together with a strong actor framework in its average library, Scala bargains a compelling method of take on concurrent programming. Scala's actors allow you to observe the actor concurrency version to the JVM, permitting real-world suggestions which are effective, scalable, and strong.

Published through Artima, this can be the 1st booklet on Scala's actors, co-authored by way of the author and lead maintainer, Philipp Haller, and Frank Sommers. beginning with the basics of the actor concurrency version, this ebook deals a finished educational on functional programming with actors in Scala. It allows you to leverage the whole strength of modern day and tomorrow's multi-core processors by means of describing either simple and complicated positive factors of Scala's actor framework in-depth.

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In the actor model, concurrency is the norm, while sequential computation is a special case. 7 Chapter 2 · Messages All the Way Up Actor lifecycle Because of their readiness to process incoming messages, actors can be imagined as “live objects,” or objects with a lifecycle. Unlike the lives of movie actors, the life of an actor object is rather boring: Once an actor is created, it typically starts processing incoming messages. Once an actor has exceeded its useful life, it can be stopped and destroyed, either of its own accord, or as a result of some “poison pill” message.

A thread-based actor waits by invoking ✇❛✐t on an object for which its thread holds the associated lock. 1 An event-based actor, by contrast, registers an event-handler with the actor runtime. After that registration, the actor’s computation usually finishes, and the thread initially running the computation is free to execute other tasks, or go to sleep if there is nothing else to do. Later, when an event of interest is fired–when a message of interest to the actor is received, for instance–the actor runtime schedules the actor’s event-handler for execution on a thread pool, and the actor’s computation resumes.

Extending ❆❝t♦r means that a ❈❤❛t❘♦♦♠ benefits from the trait’s message handling infrastructure, such as the mailbox. 2 shows how to define it. 2 Chapter 4 · Actor Chat A key task in actor message processing is to obtain the next available message from the actor’s mailbox. ❆❝t♦r’s r❡❝❡✐✈❡ method accomplishes that by removing a message from the mailbox and making that message available to a series of pattern matching cases that you pass as a parameter to r❡❝❡✐✈❡. 3 defines a pattern for each of the three types of messages a ❈❤❛t❘♦♦♠ is expected to receive.

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