A Nestorian Collection of Christological Texts: 2: by Luise Abramowski, Alan E. Goodman

By Luise Abramowski, Alan E. Goodman

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Hist. Abt. NF 10), Muenchen 1934, pp. 96- 106 GCS = Die Griechischen christlichen Schriftsteller der ersten drei Jahrhunderte Lietzmann == H. Lietzmann, Apollinarius von Laodicea und seine Schule, Tuebingen 1904 Loofs == F. Loofs, Nestoriana. Die Fragmente des Nestorius, Halle 1905 liii ABBREVIA TIONS Philox. = Philoxeniana Sermo maior de fide = E. g. Sermo maior de fide des Athanasius (Sitz. ber. d. Bayr. Akad. d. , Phil. hist. Kl. 1924, 6), Muenchen 1925 Spanneut = M. Spanneut, Recherches sur les ecrits d'Eustathe d'Antioche, Lille 1948 Syn.

Until then they had to take refuge in pseudonymous attribution of which we have two examples in C. So we come to the first part of the sixth century as the period of origin at least for the Syriac form of IX, the (possibly) Greek elements preceding it of course, but not too far back. The composite hypostasis attacked is, then, the neoChalcedonian notion, as has already been said in the discussion of the new Theodore fragment. x: 'FROM BABAI THE GREAT', PP. 207-9 (TEXT) The lemma gives only the name of the author, but no indication of the title of his work.

129 with n. 7. 3 So does Voobus, p. 279 and n. 28. Voobus takes no notice of Goodman, ']enks Collection', and therefore does not know of the actual existence of this text in C. The only reference to Cambro Univ. Libr. Or. 's book is to the edition of the new Theodore fragment from it in Museon 17 (1958). XXXIV INTRODUCTION the end of d) : 'This little will suffice', or words to that effect. The author is not only fond of short sentences, but also likes to condense as far as possible the matter about which he writes.

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