A Glossary of Targum Onkelos: According to Alexander by Edward Cook Sir

By Edward Cook Sir

This word list of Targum Onkelos, in line with the traditional serious variation, includes the entire vocabulary of the targum with supralinear vocalization, and observed via bibliographical references to different Aramaic dictionaries.

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M. v. v. v. v. ] w[ub,; suff. 2 m. sg. ˚t;w[ub; n. f. request, petition; w[ub;b] interj. v. ] rw[ob; w[bb (targumic n. m. torch Gen 15:17; Ex 20:15. [DJPA 107; DJBA 224; cp. v. ] f[b vb. ) Deut 32:15. ] y[b vb. ] ry[ib] n. m. ] 15 The ithpeel appears only in Gen 42:22 in Sperber's main text; the apparatus has another occurrence at Ex 43:2, ˚l y[btmd that which is required of you, as a variant for ˚n:y [ebdi am;; the latter, however, means that which (is) in your eyes, and is not a form of y[b. EDWARD COOK 38 ly[eb], suff.

V. ] ˜ymim][' rb' n. m. gentile, non-Jew Gen 17:12, 27; Lev 22:25; Deut 14:21; 15:3; 23:21; 29:21. ] qrb, emph. aq;rb' n. m. lightning Ex 19:16, Deut 32:41. ] aqrb, pl. abs. ˜q;rb; n. f. emerald Ex 28:17, 39:10. v. ] trb, emph. at;r'b,] sg. cstr. tb' n. f. daughter The morphology of the word follows the pattern of Eastern Aramaic. For the absolute form, see Tg. Jon. Judg 11:34, Ezek 14:20. v. ] rcb n. m. See rsb. lyvb adj. See lvb. lvb vb. th. ) The pe. occurs in TO only in the passive ptcp. al;y çib] (Num 6:19).

Ydek]yae interr. how? v. ˜dkh; cf. v. v. v. v. ] lya, emph. al;ya' n. m. male deer Deut 12:15, 22; 14:5; 15:22. [DNWSI 45 #3; ATTM 1:509, 2:345; DJPA 48; DSA 23; LS2 15; cf. ] al;yae conj. but, except Ex 15:11, Deut 33:26. v. v. ] wluyai conj. if (irreal condition with perfect) Gen 46:30; Num 12:14; Deut 32:29. ] WLai. See also: GLOSSARY OF ONKELOS ˜wpo al; wluyai, var. ˜wpylwlya 11 conj. if not (irreal condition) Gen 31:42; Deut 32:27. ] ˜wpo wluyai conj. if (irreal condition with perfect) Gen 43:10, Lev 10:19; Num 22:29, 33.

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