98% Funky Stuff: My Life in Music by Maceo Parker

By Maceo Parker

Revealing the nice and cozy and stunning tale of an influential jazz legend, this own narrative tells the tale of a man’s trip from a Southern upbringing to a occupation traveling the realm to play for adoring fanatics. It tells how James Brown first chanced on the Parker brothers—Melvin, the drummer, and Maceo on sax—in a band at a small North Carolina nightclub in 1963. Brown employed them either, however it used to be Maceo’s signature variety that helped outline Brown’s model of funk, and the word “Maceo, i would like you to blow!” grew to become a part of the lexicon of black song. A riveting tale of musical schooling with frank and revelatory insights approximately George Clinton and others, this definitive autobiography arrives simply in time to rejoice the seventieth birthday of the author—one of the funkiest musicians alive—and could be loved by means of jazz and funk aficionados alike.

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I walk around searching the faces in the throng of people milling about, looking for anyone in the band—David “Fathead” Newman, Philip Guilbeau, Marcus Belgrave, Edgar Willis, Bruno Carr. I would recognize any one of them instantly, but all I see are strangers. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do when I find them, but I feel an irresistible pull to them. I want to see them. I want to see Ray. Out of the corner of my eye I notice the flare of a lighter. Someone is lighting a cigarette. I turn my head and instantly know who it is.

We were little boys, and horsing around just came with the territory. Even when we were hard at work, we were still little boys at heart. My father didn’t tolerate much horseplay at the cleaners, though. The back room was filled with all kinds of machinery and chemicals, and we weren’t allowed in there. All the cleaned garments were bagged and alphabetized on a long rack in the back. Some of the clear bags had become dusty and translucent with age because the people who’d dropped off their cleaning hadn’t come back to pick it up.

By this time, our relationship had developed into a real mentoring friendship, and I felt comfortable questioning his methods occasionally. ” I asked him. ” Mine was a friendly protest but one he put to rest immediately. Other times, though, my defiance was a little more blatant. In my sophomore year of high school, the band was short several flute players for our Christmas concert. Without asking for volunteers, Banks simply conscripted several of the saxophone players into the flute section, including me.

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