15 Agent Mongoose and the Attack of the Giant Insects by Dan Jolley

By Dan Jolley

You're Codename: Mongoose, the youngest operative in a hugely mystery organisation. while monstrous ants, wasps, and spiders invade, youre the simplest individual for the jobbut will your most sensible be more than enough?

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You shout to Topaz. She looks skeptical, but she lowers her weapon. Quickly, you grab a set of headphones off one of the unconscious guards and put it on. ” The huge mantis looks at you with huge, sad eyes.  .  . ” it asks, in a feminine voice that sounds like rustling leaves. “Listen,” you tell it, “the people who brought you here are very bad. ” The huge mantis gestures at one of the guards.  .  .  . ” You shake your head. “No! ” Before you can do or say anything else, you hear the sound of running footsteps.

And then you start to get strange glimpses, as if you’re plummeting past a series of windows. Through each window, you can see an entirely different world, but only for a split second.  .  . one that smells like a mixture of gasoline and peaches. Abruptly, everything comes to a halt. You, Topaz, and the Razonoff monster are all stuck in a colossal spiderweb, with strands as thick as your arm. The web vibrates, and a spider the size of a Winnebago scuttles over and looks down at you. “Ah, sentient beings,” the spider says, chuckling.

60 Go on to the next page. giant ant e th r e th e h w ll te It’s impossible to nnel or the smashed-open tu came from the whether it’s alone. lab . . or . .  follow the tunnel? Turn to Page 71. ratory?  see what’s in the la Turn to Page 98. 61 62 “We’re here to investigate insects, and that sounds like insects to me,” you tell Topaz. ” She produces thin jumpsuits with filter masks and goggles attached. “These are cooling suits, with carbon dioxide filters. Some insects detect their prey from CO2 emissions and some from body heat, so depending on what kind of bug we’re hunting, this might keep them from spotting us.

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