#11 Shipwrecked on Mad Island (Twisted Journeys (Paperback)) by Dan Jolley

By Dan Jolley

You have survived a shipwreck, yet mad scientists and mutants are sizzling in your path! Will you get away them . . . or sign up for them? each TWISTED trips image novel helps you to keep an eye on the motion by way of picking out which route to stick with. Which twists and turns will your trip take?

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Turn to page 82. 35 36 Your arms feel like jelly, your lungs are burning, and you could swear your legs are about to fall off, but finally, you make it to the top of the sheer rock face. You hook one hand over the edge, dig your toe into a tiny crack, and with a last titanic effort of will, you heave yourself up. You just lie there for a few seconds, too tired to move. But then your heart almost leaps straight out of your chest as you hear the sound of people talking! A second wind lets you spring to your feet, and you see a narrow path running up through a crack in a gigantic rock.

We should follow her,” Shae suggests. Before you can answer, three men in hunting gear step out from the undergrowth, holding rifles. They don’t look like scientists, but they do look dangerous. 62 Turn to page 48. Go on to the next page.

Is this your life now? Stuck on an island with a bunch of monsters, hunted by men with guns? It sure looks that way. THE END 33 34 Go on to the next page. As soon as you’re back outside, you hear an earsplitting chorus of war whoops. The half humans come pouring out of the jungle, dozens upon dozens of them. They storm their way into the base like an invading army. A really loud invading army. You wander in after them and watch as half humans chase screaming scientists all over the place.  .  .

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