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Hank!Hi, I’m Hank Nelson, and I love history. I am quite a liberal arts guy, and I enjoy literature and history most of all. Needless to say, I had no idea how to do a podcast. I have to take this time to thank Allison Sheridan, my best friend’s mom, who guided me through this whole process. Danke shen, Allison!

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119 thoughts on “About Hank

  • Joanne He-Nelson

    Ohhhh Hank. I love it when you talk history to me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Zoe

    Hank! Thanks so much for all your help in AP euro, it’s a crazy hard class and your podcasts have helped me remember so much! I’m listened to the french rev right now and heard that you made it to Dartmouth! I just wanted to let you know you’re still being appreciated 8 years later, 2015. good luck with whatever you end up doing.

  • dad?

    Just have a few questions…

    What color was your first dog?
    What color was your first car?
    What is the highest mountains you have been on pre-2012?
    What is the last name of your significant other… Agian in 2012?

    Please reply if you can. Oh, and I love the podcasts.

  • Lynn

    Huge thanks for these lectures! We stumbled upon them when looking for AP Euro chapter summaries. Super helpful! Many thanks…hope to find an AP USH podcast hiding out there too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michael

    Dear Hank,
    Your AP Euro podcasts, even 5 years after you made them, are still helping other students. I am currently in AP European History, and even though my chapter tests are based on specific information from my textbook (for instance, the population of Country X during 1750), I use your audio lectures as an important resource for preparing for the AP Exam when May 2014 arrives. If you see this post, could you let us know how everything is going? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank you for helping out so many AP Euro students! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Summer and Natalie

    So we r studying for the final right now, and we just read your update… WHY GOD WHY HAVE YOU STOP? They help so much! We support you and your choices, and we hope you excel in anything you do. But thank you so much for the pod casts, we don;t know what we would have done without you!

  • Brycerf

    Bro you’re freaking hilarious. I listened to your podcast last year as the AP test loomed on the horizon and it definitely helped. I’ve passed down your podcast the next generation to enjoy. Keep up the good work Hank

  • seo

    Fantastic goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too magnificent. I really like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still take care of to keep it wise. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is really a great website.

  • Melissa

    Hello Hank! I found, subscribed and love your podcast even though it looks like you haven’t been posting new episodes for a couple of years. Love the way you explain things-makes history more easy to visualize. And BTW-the Reformation didn’t bore me. Love hearing about how so many religions got started.

    thanks for a great history hour!

  • Denisa

    Hey Hank,
    Your podcasts were really awesome, even though I only found out about them from a friend during our free periods on the day of the AP test.. however, I got a chance to listen to the Russian revolution one she had on her iPod that morning, and one of the FRQ’s happened to be on it. So that was pretty neat, and really convenient. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyways, I wish you had podcasts for AP US History, which would help for next year, but regardless, I’ll definitely have my younger brother use this great resource when he takes AP Euro. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Cate

    Hey Hank,
    Thank you so much for your podcasts the idea that a former AP Euro student loves history enough to make podcasts about it is genius. Very helpful, gives me even more insight to Euro history, even though I’ve already taken the class. Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Stephanie

    HEY! i just wanna say, thanks to your help i got a 5 on my AP euro test!this is awesome what you’re doing and i wish there was one just as good as this for AP us history (the one im on now) THANKYOU VERY MUCH!

  • Emily

    Hi Hank. ive got a question and im extremly confused.

    can you please explain what the 3 estates wanted in the french revolution?

    like the clergy (1st estate), nobles (2nd estate), and everyone else + bourgeosie (3rd estate)

    im so confused.

  • Maria

    You are practically the best. I’m taking a gap year right now and won’t be home until May (just in time for AP’s…yay). And since study materials are basically impossible to get abroad, your podcasts are a lifesaver. Thanks!

  • S

    Thank you so much for taking the immense amount of time to make these podcasts, Hank! Really, thank you so, so much! You took many hours out of your own life (and college) to help people whom you don’t even know, so thank you.

    I especially thank you because my AP Euro teacher doesn’t cover a lot of stuff and I’m not very knowledgeable in the area of European history, so these podcasts especially helped me on my teacher’s tests and will definitely help me get a 5 on the AP exam in May.

    Once again, thank you very much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christina

    I agree with all these ppl except the lame ppl trying to put you down ๐Ÿ˜› anyways THANKS! I appriciate(wow brain dead i know i spelled tht wrong but i dont care or i didnt and im being weird….) ANYWAYYSSS glad you posted this seriously ur so casual and cool and history isn’t boring listening to you…well not to offend ppl but im no history fanatic ๐Ÿ˜› hehe anywayss hope ur doing amazing in college cause ur a really a genius!

  • Cynthia


    I absolutely love your podcasts! I wish I knew about the at the beginning of AP Euro. I found out about your awesomeness the day of my exam!! A friend of mine brought her Ipod to my study hall and I was able to learn more and retain it before the exam. ๐Ÿ™‚ Next year I have APUSH and I would love you even more if you could make APUSH podcasts. <3 Btw, you are very funny. ๐Ÿ˜€ Some teachers have the annoying, boring, monotonic voices that make me want to fall asleep but you make history enjoyable and very fun. Hopefully I will see some APUSH podcasts and be able to use them next year.


  • Samantha

    I wish I had found these much much earlier ๐Ÿ™
    unfortunately the AP test is tomorrow afternoon….I took the class independent study and am feeling wholly unprepared, but I love history and have a relatively strong background in it so I’m hoping that it’ll be enough to a get a good score!

  • Nicole

    first of all i love your podcasts, im starting to study for the national exam its its really helpful. thanks so much for making them!
    just wondering if there will be a podcast for chapters 21, 23, 24, 25, or 27 any time soon, there missing from the itunes and website.
    thanks so much

  • Steph

    HEY ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m a senior right now taking the Ap Euro class… (w/ sophmores…) of course I didn’t need to take the class but it was a good choice for an elective ๐Ÿ™‚ … IT REALLY SUX wth my other APs though. I love the random info you give… very funny stuff… I LOVE history and this is a wonderful review for the test coming up thanks .

    BTW… you say “michaelangelo” funny ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mandy

    Thanks! I was supposed to comment this in the summer, but I got a 5 on my AP test!! Yay! And I listened to every single one of your podcasts over and over! I just wish you could do it for AP US because that’s what I’m taking right now…
    But seriously, you helped me so much, you don’t even know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stephanie

    Thank you soooo much for these podcasts. I love your funny accent (I’m Canadian), and you have a really great way of story-telling. You also really know your stuff. Just wanted to thank you for your hard work! Do you have any tips for how to get a 5? How did you study for your AP exam? I’ve never done one of these before…..


  • Diana

    So I realize this is super late, but I listened to aaalmost all of your postcasts last year like the week before my AP Euro exam, and they are amaaazing. Seriously. Thank you thank you thank you soo much. I got a 3 haha. Which I was very happy with. ;]
    It sounds like you have AP US podcasts??? Where can I find them pleasee??

  • Suzanne Volke

    Great job, Hank! This is the second year that I have referred your site to my APEH students, and they really love it. Good luck in your future endeavors! Suzanne Volke, Ramstein, Germany

  • Jackclyn

    Hello Hank!
    Thank you so much for the dedication and attention you put into creating these podcasts for us desperate studiers. Hope you’re enjoying your studies at Dartmouth – they ought to feel extremely fortunate to have you!
    I will miss hearing you describe the gorey details of war and the ridiculous personalities of historical figures… thank you for sharing your enjoyment and understanding on these topics. You’ve made the world happier. =)

  • Lee

    Thanks for the podcasts. After reading some comments, I found out that you are (or did) APUSH podcasts and I know that I will be listening to those for next year (instead of trying to cram a couple hours worth in two or three days… and failing to listen to them all).
    I have the AP Euro test tomorrow and I have maybe studied a total of three hours. I am screwed. Hahaha… I’m hoping to do get at least a three with only a couple hours worth of studying.

    Hahaha… I just thought you’d like to know.
    Again, thank you for the podcasts.

  • kapie

    YOU ARE MY HERO! So, I am taking the AP test tomorrow (eek) and I found your podcast a few days ago. it has helped SOO much for reviewing. Thank you!

  • Sofia

    Hey Hank,
    Dude, I owe you my soul. Seriously. If I ever find a way to send you my soul, I will–you have absolutely saved my ass. I wish I had discovered your podcast earlier in the year, it would have saved me a hell of a lot of stress. My AP Euro exam is tomorrow, and I’m studying (cramming) by mostly listening to your podcast, and I’m getting more and more confident as I go ^_^ Hopefully, I’ll live long enough to eventually give you my soul, and even more hopefully, I’ll pass the TEST O’DOOM! Wish me luck, and good luck to whoever else is going to take it soon. You are great, thanks soo much for all your help!!!

  • Audrey

    Hey Hank,
    Thank you SO MUCH for all the help this past year with AP euro! Thanks to you, I’m feeling a LOT better about the test (in two days…ughhhhhh…)
    My only suggestion would be making a podcast dedicated to women. I know that you talk about them in the majority of the podcasts, but one completly dedicated to them would be even more useful.
    Thanks again ๐Ÿ˜€ You’re awesome!

  • jessica

    1. You are simply amazing.
    2. Did you ever find time to do the chapters you skipped?
    3. THANKS SO SO SO MUCH! You have no idea… I didnt know where to start studying- then i found ur podcast. Thanks!

  • Christina

    Really appreciate this. I have to pass my AP exam with a 3 or higher to get into my dream school….so I’m really terrified about it. This was informative but casual enough not to be be boring. Thank you :] xxxx

  • Hank Nelson

    Hey Lisa! Thanks so much! I am so glad that you enjoy the Podcasts… haha, weird about the two dorms. I actually recorded these as a junior, but I am now a freshman at Dartmouth College, so I guess that destiny will never be fulfilled ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck next year, and enjoy your senior year as much as possible!

  • Lisa


    You are amazing! I listen to your podcasts when working out at the gym and they definitely make time fly by. You should consider becoming a teacher some day xD

    Haha. I just noticed the name Allison Sheridan. I’m attending Northwestern University in the fall and there are two different dorms named Allison and Sheridan. Are you a sophomore? You should put that University on your list xD It might be destiny.

    Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH. Your podcasts are witty, informative, and tons of fun to listen to.

  • Megan

    Hank. I love you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PODCAST. I got a 4 on my semester exam that I barely studied for thanks to your podcast. There was even a question I only knew because of you!!

  • Hansika

    Hey! I love the podcast and you do a really great job. I actually have the same book that you’re using so it’s realy nice to follow along in the book(I do have to pause a lot so write my own notes because our tests are really picky). You’re also not monotone which really helps and your podcast really helps with all the main idea concepts. Thanks a bunch and you have really great dedication that really helps me out=D Thanks:)

  • The Guy

    YO brah, you iz tha shizz my nizz fo rizzle diss right here helped me straightup git meself gooder grades fo dat AP EURAPEIN histree. Word up! keep dat shizz goin fo sho cuz this so good I lovez it mayne! yo yo yo word up! i iz outta here but I iz giving u da props yo! t to tha hanks man! dat means thanks!! git it? hahahaha LAWL. PROPS TO YA BRAH!

    I get the A cuzza u bro!

  • WannaBeAHistoryProf

    Mikey was going blind. There is a little known story that details him and Pope Julias getting into several screaming matches over just that. Apparently, when the paints fell in his eyes he would scream profanities; problem was, the Pope was having mass at exactly that time. So, you can imagine that when a voice from the rafters was calling out “Aw, da***t,” it didn’t go over well. Might have been an amuseing thing to watch though. Presumably the Pope replied with his own share of profane language.

    Anywho, I really like this podcast. It is interesting, and provides an excellent study supplement. (It is no substitute for actually reading the textbook, but you’ve said that yourself ^_^)

  • Diana

    So glad you’re making a US History podcast, hope it’s up soon, and thanks so much for helping me get a 5 on the AP Euro History this year! Best history podcast out there!

  • sarah

    Yes! Hank, I’m so glad you decided to do a podcast for US history, your lessons are so humorous and informative. I kept checking this sight in hopes that you would decide to continue your history saga and now you have! I can’t wait for the first one.

  • Hank

    Hey everyone! I don’t know if anyone still checks this… I am sure many of you are glad to never have to listen to me talk about social conditions during the Industrial Revolution ever again ๐Ÿ™‚ ha ha…

    BUUTTTTT…. just wanted to say, as of now: THERE WILL BE A US PODCAST UP BY THE END OF SUMMER!!!!

    Yes, I finally decided that it needed to be done. I was unable to find a job this summer due to a vacation that my family is taking right in the middle of our break, so I plan on doing the US Podcast to stay productive… I will not have the help of the same teacher, so the Podcasts will probably not be in the exact same style, but I do have my old US teacher’s notes and plenty of weird ass stuff to say about some people in American history, so they should be pretty interesting… check back later this summer to see how things are coming along… and I hope you all are having a fantastic break…

    Oh, and thanks everyone for the continued support… and chris, I totally don’t mind the parenthesis. If you can’t tell, I have a similar problem with ellipses… ha ha…

  • Chistopher "the nerdy" Logan

    Ahahaha, sorry. I just read the comment a few spaces above mine, and apparently you’ve already said that you’re not doing AP US. =) Sorry about that. I visited the site with a thought in mind, so I didn’t look at anything between the top of the page and the bottom when I got here.

  • Chistopher "the nerdy" Logan

    Hey Hank,
    Thanks for the fun alternative to actually paying attention to my AP European history teacher (you have no idea; that woman is scary beyond belief). I much prefer your upbeat and “user friendly”version of European history to her “let’s speed through everything so I can spend 4 months on Hitler” take on it. I was just writing because some of my friends and I were wondering if you are going to be continuing to do podcasts for next year. (Meaning AP US history) You and Princeton Review were pretty much my teachers this year (or at least those last three days before the exam when I started to actually attempt to learn the material) and I really hope that I’m able to listen to more of your podcasts next year.

    (Oh, I’m sorry about all of the little digressions in the parentheses. Those are the fun facts, and you have to read around them. Otherwise you might get a little confused….. like my friends do when we write letters to one another)

  • Emily

    Hey Hank,

    I love your podcast, im a grade 11 student thats just getting into history. Out of all the podcasts ive listened to, the history of Rome, Hard core history, yours is my favourite. By the way you tell the stories, and the language you use I can tell you share my love of European History. Im thinking of creating my own history podcast and you certainly inspired me to do so! I love how you talk about Da Vinci( im a huge fan) and Anne Boelyn! I was listening to the Religious Wars and it actually made me laugh out loud because of the way you were talking about them kickin’ ass! I love that your not all stuck up about it! You are so awesome and i can’t wait to hear more of you stuff!
    yours truly

  • Jim

    Thanks for all your help bro
    I still think I failed the test, but your podcasts made it feel alot better for me. so sad that you’e leaving…anyway, It’s been a great ride and I hope you’ll reconsider the US history thing, if you have time, of course=)

  • Marie

    Yeah. Pretty sure that your podcasts are the most helpful thing EVER.

    Keep making them…

    Otherwise I wont pass history.. D:


  • Hank

    Howdy y’all (feeling southern)

    Anyhoo, glad to hear that the test went well. I actually took the test two years ago, Alex, and got a five. Sadly, I don’t think that I will be doing a US podcast. Doubt I will have the time in college next year… I hope that there are people who use my Podcast as a template to craft their own AP Podcasts though…

  • Paul

    Wow…your podcasts really helped me for the Exam on Friday! R u going to do podcasts for APUS History? That would be great!!!

  • Korey and Sharieta

    Hey Hank!
    We took the test and your podcasts really helped! (S: I used your information on my essays!) (K: Some of your facts were directly on the test! Thanks!)

    Keep doing these podcasts for college courses! We are both seniors…Congratulations on getting into your college of choice!

    Thanks for posting even when you were sick…

    What AP classes have you taken? What did you get on your AP Euro test?

  • Lauren and Alyssa

    your reviews were really helpful… today is the day of the AP test and we’re all dyinggg and listening to the podcasts in our sleep. thank you so so much for making euro a bit more interesting… maybe you should become an ap euro teacher you’re much more competent than any of the teachers in our school!!


    ps– good luck to everyone taking the ap exam today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • michelle

    hey hank!

    i found out about your podcasts today…
    it would have been nice if i knew earlier, but better late than never!

    anyway, i think its awesome your doing this.
    even though its the night before the exam, it’s been really helpful.
    i listened to a couple and i enjoyed them.
    they cleared up some concepts for me.

    i hope you keep doing this.
    it’s great that you can express your love for history.
    if only i was as dedicated as you. lol

    keep it up!! =]

  • Jenna

    yes it’s 10 30 at night right before the ap exam and i just found your podcasts but nevertheless they’re amazing thank you so much i’m really an oral learner and this is exactly what i needed to actually study without drawing little french people all over my notes

  • Leila

    this is wonderfull stuff!! im so glad i was able to find your podcasts before the AP test (22 hours before)! if i get a 5, im giving the credit to you.

  • Tori

    your podcasts are absolutely amazing. i wish i had found them before today, considering the AP test is tomorrow but they are still super helpful with my weak spots. i wish you had one on the most important parts of european history and the big picture as a review for the AP test because nobody really has study guides just on the big picture stuff. nonetheless, this is really great. keep up the great work and thanks again for all your help!!

  • Oh Shik Bang Ki Sho

    Although I never actually listened to any of the podcasts, I have a feeling that it is going to teach much more than my teacher lmfao. That is why I’m going to start listening to them now. Thanks man.

  • Oh Shik Bang Ki Sho

    Yea from Gallitz class. Although I never actually listened to any of the podcasts, I have a feeling that it is going to teach much more than my teacher lmfao. That is why I’m going to start listening to them now. Thanks man.

  • Korey

    Hey, thanks so much. I live in Indonesia and so I don’t have access to a lot of AP Euro study material. Thanks so much! I listened to all of your podcasts before our practice test and I got a 5. Thanks again!

  • Sophia & Won

    Hey Hank!!!

    we found your podcasts “coincidentally” and…
    WE LOVE THEM!!!!
    wish we found them earlier.
    but now the test is only two days away..
    thank you sooooooooooooooooo much though!
    we envy your big brain ๐Ÿ™‚
    hope everyone ace the exam this friday!!

  • Jamie

    Hey! I was sent here by my AP Euro teacher like two days ago, and I’m really starting to wish he would have given us this website from the beginning. I’ve only had a chance to listen to two so far, but the podcasts are super easy to listen to and the random language makes things memorable (e.g. the city states of Italy during the Renaissance are like two bullies fighting over a kid whose lunch money they want) and pretty much prevent the info from being too drone-y. I doubt I’ll get them all in before the test Friday, but what I have listened to will definitely help out. Thanks!

  • sal

    go hank! as a teacher, and having a master’s in history, your podcasts are accurate,well thought out, and entertaining without being dumbed down-exceedingly hard to do with today’s expectations. as for the errors mentioned by others-well, some things are minor (once in your podcast you went the wrong direction to get to a city, but i think it was your first or second), but some of (most of) what has been mentioned above, esp about leo and micheal o’ the renaissance is quite accurate-most people do not know that mickey started to go blind (attributed, but not verified, to chemicals in his paints). i especially loved your rebuttal. keep up the good work, it only gets better from here.

    ……and please, tell your student followers that it’s only a test (yes, i took several ap tests at your age). i can tell you that if you are my age and still hanging on to your ap scores, wow, you need to move on. and yes, to all those out there thinking ‘what a teacher who doesn’t even use caps? duh…’ get a life-like those of us who listen to hank. :0)

  • Brooke

    That makes sense, and would also explain my crappy grade on the test today (as if something aside from my own glaring stupidity is to blame).
    I’m super excited for the chapter 30 & 31 podcasts, as well as chapters 23-25, even if we get them after the AP exam.

  • Nicola

    Hello Hank,
    I’m in the same class as the rest of the (oddly congregated) stalkers, I’d just like to say how much we all appreciate it. I found the site over the weekend, and the looks on people’s faces when we would tell them about it were hilarious. What’s even more exciting is the fact that you have an (albeit earlier) edition of our book, so the podcasts help with tests as well. Thanks so much!

    And Brooke . . . chapter 31 and 30 seem so much like the same thing because they cover areas that we already know about. There is no dividing line in our memories between the Vietnam war and eastern European nationalist revolutions (understandably), so it all just seems like a (really long, mildly pointless) blur.

  • Brooke

    Wow I love how the class just congregated on his comments.
    Could we get any creepier?

    I started chapter 31, and either the sleep deprivation is getting to me, or it’s exactly the same as chapter 30 >_

  • Malia

    Hey Hank
    I’m in madeleine and brooke’s class of AP Euro
    When are u updating next?
    our chapter 30 test is tomorrow and you don’t have a podcast up yet ๐Ÿ™ but i havent discovered this until today
    Just wondering then when chapter 30 and 31 will be up because i’m also taking the exam may 9th and our final the tuesday of that same week

    and thanks for the ap euro help!

  • Brooke

    We’re ahead of you by a chapter I think, but this is amazingly helpful in terms of reviewing for the AP Exam. I’m a little less afraid of the test every time a podcast ends, thanks soo much =]

  • Madeleine

    I believe that I am in Brooke’s class…Brooke, if that’s you…in my car…if not, sorry.
    Hank, I just want to say YOU ARE GOD.
    the end.
    and if I go to hell for that.
    I won’t have failed the AP test.
    many thanks

  • Brooke

    I’m testing on May 9th too, and this podcast might be more helpful than the book, b/c it’s easier for me to learn by listening, but our teacher can’t manage to give us a proper lecture. This is so much easier to listen to b/c it’s like your talking normally, not overly formal. You totally rock =]

  • Hank

    Thanks Cooley. Darren and I had a conversation by email and actually ended up getting along. Glad my Podcast is helping you guys out ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rachel, there will be Podcasts on the Depression and WWII coming up. I should have both up by the end of the week… Thanks for listening!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    The two tests my class owned on was the two tests we listened to Hank for. For the rest of the tests, we’ve been ahead. Point being, HANK ROCKS and DARREN NEEDS TO GET OVER HERSELF! HANK IS PRACTICLY MY IDOL!

  • Rachel

    Hank, I must say I admire what you’re doing here. I’ve been trying to get a head start on studying for the AP Exam (plus my Euro teacher is unintelligible so I’ve been using it for tests) and your podcast has been so helpful! It’s also refreshing, because most education-centered podcasts are made by teachers, many of whom are so boring to listening to that I wonder why I bother.
    Keep up the good work!
    Got anything on the Great Depression/Start of WWII?

  • Sara & Katie

    Why hello there Hank. Katie and I were surfing the web and stumbled upon your website. We thought we’d leave you a comment. Hank’s History Hour is actually kinda funny and we wish you did it last year because it would have helped a lot. Maybe then KT would have got a score over 2. PSH what a loser. BTW great race today. Your war-cry was both hilarious and extremely frightening. But it was super cool. Bye bye, see you later. AP EURO ROCKS! All hail Mrs. Ferron!

    Sara & Katie

  • sara

    can you please do a podcast on nationalism chapter 25!
    and update more often.
    i know i sound kinda pushy and mean but please?
    your podcasts help me so much and well i finished chapter 22 weeks ago.

  • Merry Staser

    Dear Hank,
    I am 61 years old. I have been following the history of Europe offerred now at the Berkeley webcast site by Dr. Anderson. I thought she was the best. I listened for three hours to you yesterday and it added alot to my understanding of these eras. I just wanted to let you know that you helped me better understand the religious wars which were always confusing for me. I am looking forward to the rest of your talks. It is a real joy to hear young Americans learning history. Believe me it will stay with you through the years and will always draw you back as more and more scholars share their perceptions. I hope you have seen Simon Schama’s “A History of Britain”. Thanks for your work! Sincerely, Merry Staser

  • Kunj

    Hank, your podcasts are enormously entertaining and interesting. I am most pleased with the fact that you are able to attack such intellectual material with few digressions, and yet still innocuously inject your humor and “down to earth” colloquialisms (“…You’d get your genitals beaten off. You might think that’s disgusting, but hey–that’s the Renaissance.”) Also, you pick the most interesting characters as favorites: Napolean, Pope Leo X, etc.

    I sincerely hope that you will continue to keep making podcasts, even after you finish what you wish to cover in AP Euro.

    Best of luck in Darthmoth.

  • Gisele

    Hank, your podcast is informative and helpful, plus fun to listen to! Thanks for taking the time to help everyone out. I was wondering if you used the notes from your AP Euro class or if you researched everything separately. Anyway, I love the podcast and please keep posting more.

  • maddie

    hey thanks for the great podcast! i was just wondering how you got interested in history. was it from your school’s AP euro class? oh and i was also wondering whether you had seminars in your euro class because im sure if you did you would have kicked ass!!! hahaha

  • Frank s.

    Way to pwn darren, hank! I don’t care about those petty details either, and as long as I do well on that AP exam in may, everything’ll be fine. My future is in your hands buddy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hank

    I must comment on Darren’s views of my Podcast. First of all, I will concede that I made an error on the name of the pope who commissioned the Sistine Chapel. That is, in my opinion, a small error, and one that I don’t think effects people’s understanding of the time. Also, regarding the discussion on Michelangelo: perhaps that is an urban myth. However, once again, I think that you are finding petty points to attack in my Podcast for some reason that I cannot fathom.
    I stand behind the rest of my comments:
    Leonardo Da Vinci, in the modern time, is considered one of the greatest Renaissance Men. I used him as an example to help my listeners understand what a Renaissance Man was. If you did not know, the people I am trying to help with these Podcasts are between the ages of 15 and 17. Furthermore, Savonarola was the “religious leader of Florence and as such contributed to the fall the of the Medici dynasty”, according the the book used by my AP listeners, A History of Western Society. Wikipedia (I know, not the most reliable source, but helpful anyway) states that, in 1494, “Savonarola emerged as the new leader of the city, combining in himself the role of secular leader and priest”
    As for the comments about the public nature of art, I feel like my commentary was not at all misleading. The majority of art was purchased by wealthy patrons and not for the public. Granted, some art was displayed in public areas, but much was commissioned for the glory of the wealthier members of society. I feel like this is more an argument over historical interpretation than fact. Finally, the comments regarding my use of de’ Medici were, I thought, somewhat silly, but I will address them anyway: the text uses de’Medici, so I used this in my podcast so that students would not be confused.
    Lastly, you must realize, I am not an expert. I recorded this Podcast when I was 16 because I love history. Perhaps next year, when I am in college, I will not make these insignificant errors, but for the time being I think that my Podcast is very helpful to my intended audience: high school seniors who want to do well on the AP test in May.

  • Darren

    I just finished listening to the podcast on the Renaissance. A number of things were misleading but there were two things that really need to be corrected.
    First Girolamo Savonarola never killed anyone nor did he have people killed โ€“ and he never ruled over Florence.
    Second, you stated Michelangelo went blind after painting the Sistine ceiling and that it was one of his last works. BOTH points are completely false. Michelangelo did not paint the ceiling on his back but rather standing โ€“ there are in fact sketches of him doing so and he actually wrote a sonnet about it. The ceiling was actually one of his earlier works. He was about 30 years old at the time and contnued to work until the day before he died at the age of 89. In fact, the Sistine ceiling was finished in 1512 and he painted the Last Judgement (again in the Sistine Chapal) in 1535-41. After the ceiling he completed several other paintings, sculptures and artitectural structures.
    This is all common knowledge โ€“ meaning none of this information is disputed and quite well documented.
    Please check your sources.

  • Darren

    I listened to your podcast for the first time (the Renaissance podcast) and must admit I was a bit disappointed. I am writing this b/c I noticed a previous blogger (Andrew on 04 Dec 2007 at 9:13 pm) stated he was listening to the same podcast and thought it was going to be beneficial to his studies. Iโ€™m not sure where your research was gathered but there were numerous errors and misconceptions throughout the whole of the cast. Some of the more major points being: Julius II commissioned the paintings on the Sistine Chapel not Leo X โ€“ the work was finished prior to Leo becoming Pope); the common man did in fact see much of the art being made at the time b/c much of the art โ€“ including the David โ€“ was placed in public areas or areas accessible to the public at a viewing distance; Da Vinci was not the most โ€œfamous Renaissance Manโ€ โ€“ the majority of his concepts and designs were not brought to public attention until well after his death, not to mention the term โ€œrenaissanceโ€ was not coined during the Renaissance; not all papal rulers we corrupt at the timeโ€“actually, fewer were than were not: lastly (and this really was more of a pet peeve) โ€œde Mediciโ€ translates as โ€œthe Mediciโ€ thus saying โ€œthe de Mediciโ€ translates as โ€œthe the Mediciโ€ โ€“ when referenced one would simply use Medici or the Medici).
    I am really not trying to attack your podcast โ€“ quite the opposite; I appreciate your efforts in bringing historical knowledge to the public. I would suggest however in your efforts to minimize some of the more bland and insignificant (for your purposes) points about history, please donโ€™t compromise the facts.

  • andrew

    Dude… These reviews are awesome.

    I just wish you made them for AP World History! I’ll definitely come back for reviews of World Topics! I’m listening to your review over the renaissance right now!

    This will be so helpful! Thanks, and best of luck!

  • Hank

    Hey Naomi, there is a good one being uploaded tomorrow, so check it out. That will be the last of the prerecorded episodes, so I will be recording probably 2 more this weekend.

  • Hank

    Hey Dennis and Hailie, thanks for listening to my Podcast! Oh, and Hailie, I tried to send you an email, but your email address didn’t work…do you have any other email that I could send the message to?

  • Dennis


    I love your podcast and your down to earth language. Keep up the good work. Very impressive for a guy your age. I’ve always loved history but it took me much longer to realize it than you.

  • Hailie Durrett

    Hey Hank!

    I attend Second Baptist School in Houston, Texas and am taking AP European History, as well. My teacher uses a blog for our class and posted a link to your website for all of my class to check out. We all are very intrigued by your project and were wondering what inspired you to create it. Also, I was wondering what book you used in class and if you are planning to create a sort of review at the end of the year before AP exams. Please check out our class blog (http://sbsapeuro.blogspot.com/) and e-mail me back if you get a chance! My e-mail address is hailied90@gmail.com.

    Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Simon "the sexy" schmidt

    you are just too great hank, if i was a woman, well, u know what would happen ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha just messin nice job tho

  • Cody "the hot" Dill

    Well Hank. I must say, you have proven your worth in history. And I like reading all the comments people write, because a lot of them sound like idiots. I especially like that guy who said he failed his test and blames YOU for it. Hah. Anyways. I’m bored. I just played Age of Empires, and I got reminded of your little website. By the way, tell everyone its pronounced “Hank’s History How-er”, not “Hank’s History Ow-er”.