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Well, here it is, my first podcast ever. Please, don’t judge me too harshly from this: I was very nervous when I recorded it. This chapter discusses the culture and politics of the Renaissance in both Italy and the Netherlands. You will hear about the emerging middle class, the new artwork of the period, and the political alliances of the time.

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  • James

    Hey I’m studying for my Ap Euro mid term exam and my teacher put a link to your page on her website. This is surprisingly helpful and probably if i didn’t have this to listen to I would do terrible. Keep up the good work and thanks!:)


    Ahh omg thank you soooo much!!! You made everything so much more clearer! And i thought I was going to fail AP Euro…but thanks to you, i probably wont! Thanks again

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    This. Is. Amazing. So beneficial, it definitely will help me on my test! Thank you! You should do podcasts for U.S. History too! πŸ™‚

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    this was a lot easier to listen to rather than just reading my textbook with the big and unnecessary words πŸ™‚ thank you!

  • Sylvano

    Nice podcasts, they are an informative way to quickly review. However, there are some pronunciation errors (not tragic). “Papacy” should be pronounced with a hard “a”, not a soft one, and “de Medici” is pronounced “day meh-dee-chi” (two words, not one).

    Anyway, I shall continue to listen! I’m self-studying and only have one month before the exam!


  • Jessica

    Hey!!I miraculously found your podcasts. Even though it is already second semester, they are an awesome way to review. You’re awesome. Thanks!

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    Thank You So Much Hank!!!! I am a sophmore taking AP Euro and I was so confused until I listened to this:) I already told two people in my class about this and plan on telling more! Hopefully I’ll ace the test tomorrow now:) THANKS and you are amazing!

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    OMG THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I have a ch.13 test on the renaissance 2marro and this totally helped! And you actually don’t sound nervous or boring! Thank you!!! You are amazing! Would probably struggle in ap euro without a person explaining this to me in teenage language πŸ˜›

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    I’m self studying AP Euro and World History as a sophomore this year, and I just listened to this first podcast. It’s great! Thanks a ton for doing these πŸ™‚

  • Allison Sheridan

    Persona – so glad to hear that Hank’s work is still helping people year after year. You should post back whether any of you managed to pass the test! Good luck.

    Allison (friend of Hank’s and webmaster)

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    I’m taking AP Euro in New Jersey and this is my teacher’s first year teaching… ever. And our entire class is super screwed for the exam which is in T-minus-32 days. Thank you SO much for making us considerably less screwed! These podcasts are beyond helpful.

  • Katie

    I’m taking AP Euro in Maryland. Love these podcasts. They help alot even though we’re using Palmer and this is from Perry? I assume?
    This is great though, I’m sure this website will continue to spread. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into this. πŸ™‚
    By the way, this sounded great. I’m really excited to hear your other ones if you think that this one sounded bad
    — Kate.

  • Katie

    I’m taking AP Euro in Maryland. Love these podcasts. They help alot even though we’re using Palmer and this is from Perry? I assume?
    This is great though, I’m sure this website will continue to spread. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into this. πŸ™‚
    By the way, this sounded great. I’m really excited to hear your other ones if you think that this one sounded bad
    — Kate.

  • Cole L

    hey hank! I just listened to your chapter 13 podcast and it really helped me understand it more. you have a true gift man. dont know if you even read these comments anymore but know you’re a lifesaver. keep up the good work!

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    Hey man im taking AP Euro next year and i plan on using your podcasts to help me study. Thanks for the great website!

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    This was soooo helpful. My class hasn’t gotten any review for our Ap Euro midterm, which is Friday. I think I MIGHT pass it with the help of your podcasts. THANKS!

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    This is a Realy good Website, this also helped me ace my first two semesters of this class, my teacher in Virginia mass emailed Euro across the county and they all loved it. Thanks

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    yo lyke I sed bfo u izz the bomb dizzle! keep reppin da 310 right up in hurr! yeayuh! REp da WorD!! FO SHO!

  • WannaBeAHistoryProf

    Hrm… I have a lot of respect for you for doing this. You did a good job of being impartial with reguards to certain historical aspects.

    BTW, did you know that Michelangelo (may not have spelled that right) and Pope Julias had profane screaming matches during the painting of the sistine chapels? Apparently, the Pope had mass inside the chapel before the ceiling was finished, and he got really angry and Michelangelo for screaming profanities in the middle of mass. (Michelangelo was screaming because the lead paint from the ceiling was dripping in his eyes). I imagine that would have been amusing to listen to! ^_^

  • Hannah

    thanks so much for this !!!
    i’m reviewing for the ap exam, and was looking for some *good* podcasts to use – and i think ive found them … good job !!!

  • Simon "the sexy" schmidt

    HANNNKKK! haha this is actually a pretty cool site, i wihs i had this when i was in euro, that woulda helped a lot, can’t believe you actually have time to make these tho, crazyy, but yea, pretty sweet, now u can feel all warm and fuzy knowing u helped like 100 kids not fail, niceeee
    cya at xc

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    Yeah, I’m cool. Cruising Hank’s page without actually listening to the podcast. Lemme think of anything I need to tell you…umm…that one guy who thinks it’s your fuault he failed the test is a retard…umm that’s about it. I’m sure you owe me money, and tell your mom I said, “What’s crizzackin’ homey.”

    -Cody Dill (Freaking hottest man alive)

  • Ms Rooker, now Mrs. Cox

    I’m so impressed, yet not at all surprised! You are articulate as always. Will you be appearing on the History Channel next? I gave the link to the AP Euro teacher at my school her in Colorado. She was also impressed and said that she would encourage her students to listen.

  • Sonya

    Ch. 13 and 14 weren’t that boring… The podcasts are super helpful! They are well organized b/c they are the same order as the book. Good job!

  • hank

    Thanks again for the support….yeah, I tried to put more emphasis on the test topics in the later ones, but I will keep that in mind when I record some more… Good luck on your test!!!

  • James

    Great ch.14 podcast. I liked the fact that there were more concrete information than the other one. Keep up the good work.

    If possible, could you put some emphasis what will be on the test?

  • Erin

    YAY! This is awesome!! Good job! I LOVE it! Can you make like summary ones or practice questions for tests?

  • hank

    DeShawn, please don’t blame me for your low test scores. That is actually pitiful that you would think that it is somehow my fault that you failed. This is meant as a study tool, but by no means should this be the only thing that you study. I covered all of the material in the chapter in this Podcast… don’t know how you could have done so poorly, unless you didn’t read the chapter or do anything else but listen to this for 40 minutes.

  • DeShawn

    I just got my test back on the Rennaisance and I failed. Good job bucko. Where can I get a refind of the longest 40 minutes of my life?!

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    thank you so much for the podcast, it helps alot, after i read the chapter, i listened to it to make sure i didnt miss anything. This is my new study tool =)

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    well hank. this is pretty dandy. i will definitely be using this before my test. it makes the chapter flow more instead of just knowing certain facts. thanks :]]
    your fabuloussss sister,
    maggie C:

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    Oh, and if any of you know people at other schools who are taking AP Euro, spread the word… I am trying to spread all over the country…

  • hank

    Wow everybody, thanks for the support. I promise, Ch. 14 is more interesting… keep listening, as things are only going to get cooler. And, once we get to the French Revolution, everything is pretty great…

  • Dylan Mc

    Hey Hank! It’s Dylan from XC. Cool podcast on the Renaissance, much more interpretable than it is in class. Keep up the good work.

  • Anthony N

    impressive…… 9.3/10, surprisingly professional sounding, its almost interesting (doesn’t like history), do continue.

  • Melanie Nelson

    Congratulations kiddo…You’ve got this in your DNA…teachers and performers all over the place. I just may learn to love history and that would be purely due to you. I’m proud of you..but you know that..
    Love, Mom

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