Ch. 14 The Reformation 18

The second podcast. I actually really like this one, even though it concerns one of, in my opinion, the most boring topics in European History: the Protestant Separation from the Catholic Church. Not that it was a boring time, but the chapter itself is pretty dull. You will hear about more corrupt popes, good old Henry “Chopped off my wives’ heads” VIII, and some pretty corrupt political dealings. Somewhat religious, and definitely bizarre, this is the Reformation…

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18 thoughts on “Ch. 14 The Reformation

  • Namita

    No idea if you still check onto this website but just weeks before the AP tests, I’m having mocks here and your podcosts are refreshing my mind a bunch along with the Princeton Review! THANKS FOR TAKING TIME TO MAKE THIS! I’m beginning to like history because of it.

  • Jasmine

    This helped a lot. It’s 10x easier to remember history when you hear the facts out loud. Thanks a bunch!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Clauds

    Hank, I love you. Nothing in this class made sense until your voice explained it hahaha you’re my savior thank you so much XD

  • Elizabeth K.

    damn. you taught me wellll. you taught me in depth what my teacher couldn’t teach me. THANK YOU. You are So helpful, I just can’t thank you can’t stop thanking you enough ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christina

    Amazing as always GREAT JOB! Thanks for the help but one thinggg…my AP Euro teach. made fun of us for saying Diet of Worms hahaha its Diet of (Verms) he told us…yeaa anyways still awesome thanks!

  • Darwin

    I’ve shared this site to a bunch of friends.
    Thanks Hank.

    O and just a mnemonic I learned for the fate of Henry VIII’s wives.

    Divorced, Beheaded, Died.
    Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.

    Catherine of Aragon
    Anne Boleyn
    Jane Seymour
    Anne of Cleves
    Catherine Howard
    Katherine Parr

    I’d assume by now you’re in college.
    So after high school what became of you?

    – A curious senior.

  • Olivia

    I am so telling the rest of my class about this!
    I have a feeling that if I listen to these before all the tests, I’ll stop failing!
    (Well, I’m not THAT bad, but a C is failing for me.)
    Thanks so much!

  • Henry

    dude you’re awesome i love u no homo. plz continuee with these podcasts it helps. you’re doing a good thing

  • Coral

    Thank you SOOO much for your podcasts! The podcasts have helped make the history & text book more interesting!

  • Cody "the hot" Dill

    this didnt help me at all. partly because i took the class last year and that hank told me all of this last year on runs. i win, you lose. i got a 5 on the test without hank so i must be better, i think ill start my own website…called…cody’s history half a second. it rocks. i suggest listening to it.

    -Cody Dill (Woot)

  • All of 6th period Journalism

    We had a great time learning history again!

    We love the intensity in your eyes, but not as much as your wifebeater!

    All the girls in here right now are turned on, but none as much as Andrew……..

  • auntie anne

    hi hank – i just found this {chapter 14} as i am gone alot. loved it!! you do a very articulate narrative, and weave all the various elements of history together in a fine manner. i’m also very interested in history, and have just finished a trilogy – 500 pages each. the author, phillipa gregory, uses history/fictionalized to create mesmerizing tales. in one of the books of the trilogy, “the other boleyn girl” the author catalogs the era of the meglomanic, king henry the 8th. hank, you do your parents proud, and for sure you will go far in this world. love, auntie anne

  • Cheryl and Jim Epp

    Hi Hank,

    Nice job! I really enjoyed the Reformation podcast ! I enjoyed hearing your ‘grown up’ voice. It is hard to believe you are a SENIOR!

    Next chapter is about a Pope who thinks God is his armor – now we have a President who thinks the same thing!

    We miss you guys and think of you often. Give my love to Maggie and your Mom and Dad.

    Take care and keep up the good work!

    Cheryl Epp

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