Ch. 14 The Reformation 18

The second podcast. I actually really like this one, even though it concerns one of, in my opinion, the most boring topics in European History: the Protestant Separation from the Catholic Church. Not that it was a boring time, but the chapter itself is pretty dull. You will hear about more corrupt popes, good old Henry “Chopped off my wives’ heads” VIII, and some pretty corrupt political dealings. Somewhat religious, and definitely bizarre, this is the Reformation…

Listen to Chapter 14: The Reformation

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18 thoughts on “Ch. 14 The Reformation

Cate Die Eignung von New Public Management zur Steuerung öffentlicher Kulturbetriebe (German Edition)

Your the best! This is awesome I have a test tomorrow and I’ve listened to this like 20 times!

  • Elizabeth K.

    damn. you taught me wellll. you taught me in depth what my teacher couldn’t teach me. THANK YOU. You are So helpful, I just can’t thank you can’t stop thanking you enough 🙂

  • Christina

    Amazing as always GREAT JOB! Thanks for the help but one thinggg…my AP Euro teach. made fun of us for saying Diet of Worms hahaha its Diet of (Verms) he told us…yeaa anyways still awesome thanks!

  • Darwin

    I’ve shared this site to a bunch of friends.
    Thanks Hank.

    O and just a mnemonic I learned for the fate of Henry VIII’s wives.

    Divorced, Beheaded, Died.
    Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.

    Catherine of Aragon
    Anne Boleyn
    Jane Seymour
    Anne of Cleves
    Catherine Howard
    Katherine Parr

    I’d assume by now you’re in college.
    So after high school what became of you?

    – A curious senior.

  • Olivia

    I am so telling the rest of my class about this!
    I have a feeling that if I listen to these before all the tests, I’ll stop failing!
    (Well, I’m not THAT bad, but a C is failing for me.)
    Thanks so much!

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