Ch. 15 Part 1: The Religious Wars 4

This is the first huge chapter, so I have divided it into 2 podcasts. The chapter begins with the religious wars: the War of Three Henry’s, the Dutch Revolt, and, my personal favorite, the 30 Years War. This was one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the world. The 30 Years War, as you will see, was basically the first World War, with basically every country in Europe fighting against one another. You will see the forming of much of modern Europe, and you will analyze whether or not the religious wars were actually religious or not.

Hint: They Weren’t.

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  • HankHistoryHourFanNumeroUno

    Wow, Hank, I am very impressed with this podcast. It thoroughly covered EVERYTHING about the religious wars that we need to know for the test!! thank you so much for doing this, and hopefully you will do an AP US one as well =]. In fact, I will be daring enough to say that this was better and more informative than Ms. Ferron’s lectures! you have surpassed the teaching ability of you teacher, good job! You should really look into being a history professor.

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