Ch. 16 Part 2: Constitutionalism 10

The second Ch. 16 Podcast. Constitutionalism is the basis for the American governmental system, but our system didn’t begin with a ruthless, Christian-fundamentalist dictator seizing power, beheading the King, and creating a police state. All hail Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England.

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10 thoughts on “Ch. 16 Part 2: Constitutionalism

  • Noura

    Our book is a bit different, I think it might be the newer version so the chapters aren’t the same but I’ve been listening to the podcasts and they are live savers for my essays and my quizzes! There is definatly more detail than what I’m getting from the book so far!
    Thank you so much:)

  • Seth

    Hank you are amazing your podcasts always help. Miss Ferron wants you to get going on the chapters in the 30’s 🙂

  • David

    If only this was around two years ago when I took AP Euro. I would have gotten a 5+ on the exam instead of just a 5 and I would have owned Caitlin and possibly you. But, on a serious note, this is magnificent and if accompanied with a professional orchestra and state of the art CGI crew, this would surely rival Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and all of Ken Burns’ documentaries combined.

    Keep up the amazing work. You are a remarkable podcaster and historian.



  • Zain


    it seemed like the topic of constitutionalism was not completed. it ended very abruptly. please check on that. also, when are you planning to upload next podcast? we are on enligtment in our class and would like for you to please do a podcast on that. it helps to prepare for exam. thanks

  • bizmark E

    these are sooooo helpful
    i barely paid attention and didnt really do my howework for chap 15 and 16
    and after listening to the podcasts everythings very clear to me

    keep it up

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