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24 thoughts on “Ch. 17 Eastern Europe


dang… that is just amazing.. to make it up as you go…

and thanks for that resource of textbook

  • Hank

    I actually make these up as I go along using the textbook πŸ™‚ but thanks for your support! I would recommend maybe listening to these with your textbook open in front of you. Under my “about me” I have the textbook I use listed, I believe, so maybe you use the same one… good luck!

  • Daniel

    I’m listening to this for first time and I’m wondering why I haven’t listen to them before!!
    thanks for everything!

    also, one question. Is there anyway you can send me a script of some sort, if you’re reading off what you wrote? cause i am kinda visual person.. if u can that’ll be awesome. thanks

  • Rebecca

    aaahhhh!! these are so helpful, but my teacher just told our class about you this week and our AP exam is on Friday!! man. if only i had known about this earlier because your forty minute lessons are more informative than 90 minutes of class. thank you so much!

  • Hank

    Yes, they will definitely be done. I am basically following the track for people at my school, so I know I am a little behind other schools, but I will definitely be done by May and I plan on doing a review episode.

  • Chuck

    hey do you think you’ll have all of the chapters up before the AP exam (may 2008)? I’d appreciate that, and I bet you’d save a lot of people’s butts πŸ˜€

  • Hank

    The hats are mine. The one with the brass on top is a WW1 german helmet and the other one is a 1950’s soviet hat… The other thing on the left is an inert german ww1 grenade, and the little booklet on the right is a soviet NKVD (precursor to KGB) identification booklet.
    I should have my next chapters posted soon…

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