Ch. 17 Eastern Europe 24

In this next chapter, we will take a sharp u-turn from the progress of Constutionalism and talk about the total dictatorships of Austria, Prussia, and Russia. Be prepared for kings who throw enemies to ravenous dogs and emperors who cripple clumsy servants, because this is EASTERN EUROPE!

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  • Daniel

    dang… that is just amazing.. to make it up as you go…

    and thanks for that resource of textbook

  • Hank

    I actually make these up as I go along using the textbook πŸ™‚ but thanks for your support! I would recommend maybe listening to these with your textbook open in front of you. Under my “about me” I have the textbook I use listed, I believe, so maybe you use the same one… good luck!

  • Daniel

    I’m listening to this for first time and I’m wondering why I haven’t listen to them before!!
    thanks for everything!

    also, one question. Is there anyway you can send me a script of some sort, if you’re reading off what you wrote? cause i am kinda visual person.. if u can that’ll be awesome. thanks

  • Rebecca

    aaahhhh!! these are so helpful, but my teacher just told our class about you this week and our AP exam is on Friday!! man. if only i had known about this earlier because your forty minute lessons are more informative than 90 minutes of class. thank you so much!

  • Hank

    Yes, they will definitely be done. I am basically following the track for people at my school, so I know I am a little behind other schools, but I will definitely be done by May and I plan on doing a review episode.

  • Chuck

    hey do you think you’ll have all of the chapters up before the AP exam (may 2008)? I’d appreciate that, and I bet you’d save a lot of people’s butts πŸ˜€

  • Hank

    The hats are mine. The one with the brass on top is a WW1 german helmet and the other one is a 1950’s soviet hat… The other thing on the left is an inert german ww1 grenade, and the little booklet on the right is a soviet NKVD (precursor to KGB) identification booklet.
    I should have my next chapters posted soon…

  • Andrea S.

    Hi Hank, I found out from Mrs. Ferron about this site. I haven’t really listened to much yet but this is pretty cool. I’m sure it’ll help me recall what I have amazingly forgotten from two years ago. n.n Very nice and I love the hats in the back of your banner!

  • Cooley

    Hank! You have helped my entire history class sooooo much. I just took my test on chapters 17 and 18 today, and you made it so much easier. Unfortunatley, we are a spec ahead of you. If you could get chapters 19 and 20 up within the next 2 and 1/2 weeks that would be AMAZING! Thanks so much,

  • Steve

    Hey Hank, I live in new jersey, and i found this website just by chance. I am taking AP euro also (taught from the same book), and i you have helped me greatly on my tests! I have showed everyone in my class and keep it up!

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    Thanks so much!! This is great to listen right before the test to freshen up everything. This will the the first test I’ll actually be confident in and this plays a very important factor in that. :] Keep it up for the rest of the chapters =) THANK YOU!

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  • Hank

    Thanks Evan and Robert. Hopefully the Enlightenment will be up soon… I have to do the Scientific Revolution (a fairly short chapter) and the enlightenment after that… check next week

  • evan

    Thanks a lot for doing this. It is really great review for the tests. It puts history in a teenager’s words.

  • Robert

    When’s the one on the enlightenment gonna be up? Seriously, I’m loking forward to that, and that’s the nest chapter we’re studying in school πŸ™‚

  • Hank


    Yeah, I liked this one too… French Revolution and Napoleon is the best though… The next one is going to be posted probably next week…I haven’t recorded it yet. It will be on the Scientific Revolution.

  • Reshma

    We just learned about the stuff in this lecture, and honestly i had no clue what was going on, but when i heard your lecture, it helped me so much. i have a test on this stuff tomorrow and i know i will do great because of you. THANK U SO MUCH!!!

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