7 thoughts on “Ch. 18 Part 1: The Scientific Revolution

  • Sam

    Yu are absolutely amazing, studying for tests is so much easier because of you, my teacher told us all about you and so now everyone in my grade listen to you all the time and we are always talking about you together and stuff and soon we shall be holding a history hank party!

  • stephanie

    hey!THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR this im using this as a review for the ap exam next week (uh oh)!! but this has helped me sooooo much. one thing i’d like to say,… i noticed how you said that this chapter isnt all that important, but in class we were looking at last year’s 2009’s ap euro exams, and one of the frq’s was to explain how the theories of kepler, newton, (and two more i currently cant remember.. the topic was somewhere along those lines) broke away with the prior established ideas. so just to let you know that this topic has come up in the exam. but anyways thanks sooo much!!

  • corey bugler

    the podcast realy wanted you to be sure that the best thing that could happen was the scientific revultion. it also was better then the other podcast, in discribing what happend to make the scientific revalution and it was shorter. but i realy did like it but i was suprised it was is first one during the school year. so all over it was realy good.

  • corey bugler

    i cant belive its the first potcast during school. i liked it lot more than the other one because it wasn’t that long. and i give it a 8

  • chris

    I liked it better than the one last one we listened to (since it was shorter) and it gave a lot of information on how important scientist like Galileo and Isaac Newton proved that the church was wrong about the universe.

  • johnny badnews

    hey man!

    i freakin love ya.

    im just commenting this one because no one commented it yet, but every single one of these is flawless.

    my ap exam is friday [aaaah!]

    and im kinda freakin out

    so im gonna try to listen to all of the podcasts.

    if i pass

    its cuz of you, bud!

    – john

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