22 thoughts on “Ch. 18 Part 2: The Enlightenment

  • Hannah

    This website is great, your podcasts really help out a lot! Plus, you are more interesting than my teacher haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Analeah

    Hey Hank,

    These are great. I wish I would have found these podcast earlier!
    I’m in Kansas by the way.

  • Cathy

    i put it on my ipod and listened to it throughout my day before my quiz, actually amazing! you rock! good luck with schools!

  • Monica

    Hey there! Thanks so much for putting these up and going through the effort. I’m self-studing AP Euro, so it helps a lot hearing someone explain the wars and which people and events are the most important.

    As a sidenote, I think your opinion on John Calvin is very funny, because I’m a calvinist/Presbyterian (I’m not anti-dancing, though =P). Haha.

    Once again, I totally appreciate your efforts!

  • Diane

    We have a Ch 19 test tomorrow too guys, but you can’t get all pissy that Hank doesn’t have Ch 19 up yet. I’m not. I’m sure it takes a lot of time to get everything done, honestly, do it yourself if you need it that bad, but try to be a bit more appreciative.

    Thanks for what you are doing for us!

  • Hank

    Hey everybody…
    Sorry about the lagging behind. I hear back early decision tomorrow from my top school and I am really stressing out…should have 19 up by weekend. Like I said, I usually stay on the same schedule as my school, which may be behind you guys a little bit…

  • andrea

    help meeeeee! if you could, please, put up at least chapter 19 that would be amazing !!! im trying to understand all kinds of wars and revolutions and im so confused!

  • Cooley

    aaah. im taking chapters 19-21 test on wednesday!!! my teacher is going so fast and w/out your help im dying! please start putting out more chapters!

  • Hank

    French Revolution is soon, thank God…I think that the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions are first though… Blahhhh….

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