Ch. 19 Part 3: Napoleon! 6

The last part of Ch. 19. Finally. The subject is Napoleon, a man whose rise and fall was so impressive that he may be one of the most interesting people in history. You will hear about how Napoleon seized power, how he maintained and expanded it, and how he eventually lost it in one of the greatest military blunders of all time.

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6 thoughts on “Ch. 19 Part 3: Napoleon!

  • yesi

    wow,this really helped me a lot!
    thanks sooooo much!
    i was on the brink of thinking taking the AP course was a mistake,but thank you!

  • Jim

    dude I’m dying without your help; our teacher is going wayy ahead and I understand your school doesn’t follow the same curriculum… I failed almost every test because I can’t understand the crap that’s going on, and your podcasts make it so much clearer…I got a high B on the last test that we had that you covered at the same time; this was 1st semester. I haven’t gotten a B or higher since then. I really hope you’ll have all of them in time for the AP exam. And I’m only a sophomore, so this is even harder for me…
    anyway, thanks for your time and congrats on getting your top college!

  • Karen

    I must say you have done an amazing job. My story is that the first half of the year i had an AP european teacher that was retiring after 19 years of “teaching” so he didn’t care AT ALLL! so he didn’t teach just gave us busy work. But he left in Dec. and now we have THE BEST TEAHCER! and he had to cover Renaissance to Napoleon in three weeks! Also we are on block schedule. But he told us about you and now i feel slightly better about not failing the AP exam. Thanks